Yankees fans destroy Aaron Hicks for awful effort on Jorge Polanco double

New York Yankees v Seattle Mariners
New York Yankees v Seattle Mariners / Rob Leiter/GettyImages

Just three weeks ago, New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks complained before the Opening Day bunting had even been removed about how "confusing" his role was.

You know what's a pretty good way to clarify your role? Trying as hard as possible to carve out a niche and make yourself essential whenever you're given the opportunity to do so.

Hicks? So far, not so good!

The beleaguered outfielder -- who, once upon a time, sprinted headlong into the gap and saved a game for these very same Yankees in this very same building in Minnesota -- rapped a single earlier in the game, but made his "mark" on defense, stealing the goat horns from Anthony Volpe in the sixth inning.

With the score tied (the Yankees knotted it up on a botched double play, which is about the best they can hope for these days), Jorge Polanco lifted a high fly ball to the wall in left field. Hicks pursued it, kind of, but never reached full speed.

He still reached the ball, in the end, but alas, he had no idea where to place his glove. The high fly ball fell for a double, but to this day, uncles across the tri-state area are telling their nephews how very catchable it really was. And those uncles ... are right. Just look at this nonsense.

Yankees nightmare Aaron Hicks can't handle fly ball, turns into double

You'd better believe that the next batter, Byron Buxton, homered to give the Twins a two-run lead. Of course he did.

Yankee fans would love to hand Hicks a ticket to Scranton right about now, but that would be an insult to the RailRiders. Therefore, it's probably best he just rediscovers himself with a different franchise entirely.

God, imagine Hicks rediscovering his talent with a different team, while the Yankees paid the $30 million price to get him outta here? That'd be 10 times as annoying as anything Joey Gallo or Sonny Gray did in this series.

There's nothing working in the back half of the Yankees' lineup, at the moment, but you at least get the sense that Oswald Peraza and Jose Trevino care.

It's time. End Hicks' tenure in pinstripes. Pull a Bumgarner. Say goodbye.