Yankees announcer shares full endorsement of Marcus Stroman with one perfect story

He's a perfect fit, for more reasons than one.
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Suzyn Waldman made no bones about it in a recent radio appearance on WFAN: Marcus Stroman is a personal favorite of hers. But that's not the only reason she's excited to have him in the Bronx.

Despite an overload of negative noise surrounding Stroman's pact with the club he once trolled into oblivion (ok, maybe it was 19 times), Waldman feels like the diminutive right-hander will provide a breath of fresh air, both with his arsenal and competitiveness.

"I love Marcus Stroman," the veteran announcer said when pressed for her immediate reaction, perhaps enthusiastically enough that the hosts -- anticipating more sports talk radio-style trepidation -- were taken aback.

Waldman continued with a story she believes exemplifies Stroman's brash grit -- as well as a helpful reminder that he is, indeed, a ground ball pitcher, providing the necessary variation this rotation recently lacked.

Yankees announcer Suzyn Waldman believes Marcus Stroman is a perfect fit

"He didn't have a good second half with the Cubs. He was hurt. And I remember the Cubs were in [the Bronx] before the All-Star break," Waldman told WFAN's panelists. "I walked down the corridor with Stroman, and I knew he was on the Injured List. I was told he wasn't going to pitch again. That he was too hurt, the ribs were shattered ... I was told by someone in that clubhouse he wasn't gonna pitch again."

"I said, 'How you doing?'. And he said, 'Don't count me out. People are going to be surprised.'," Waldman finished with a flourish. If she remembers that, then you know Stroman does, too. He had to miss a series at Yankee Stadium. He doesn't typically like to take those for granted -- although, one quick note: Stroman actually wasn't on the IL yet during that Yankees series in 2023. Waldman is likely conflating last season with 2022, when Stroman hit the Injured List with a shoulder issue just before visiting Yankee Stadium in June. You remember that, right? Clint Frazier was released. Fun weekend.

The right-hander very much did come back from that troublesome bout with injury; he posted a 2.71 second-half ERA, as well as a remarkable year-long 2.06 mark on the year away from Wrigley Field.

Add the hearty endorsement from Stroman's ex-Cubs teammate (and former Yankee) Jameson Taillon, extolling his virtues in the clubhouse, and it seems possible that the righty's claims of being misunderstood might soon be validated.

Stroman's second-half return in 2023 did not go well, tarnishing his stellar first half and working against his contract negotiations this offseason. The Yankees believe the rib injury has fully healed, and that Stroman can now channel his dogged determination into vanquishing their foes nightly instead of his own personal comeback trail. That's the fire Waldman sees within him, and the reason she believes he'll ignite something that's long laid dormant in this Yankees clubhouse.