Former Yankee gives Marcus Stroman signing big approval and praises organization

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The New York Yankees have been heavily criticized over the last decade or so, whether it relates to spending, acquiring the right players, treating their players right, or the organization's commitment to winning. From the outside looking in, much of it would seem valid.

But every once in a while, someone who played for the team comes forward and tries to dispel those notions. Former Yankee Jameson Taillon was the latest when he popped on "Foul Territory" last week.

He was asked about his time in New York from 2021-2022 and had nothing but good things to say about the clubhouse, his teammates, how he was treated, and how the Yankees went above and beyond for the players.

Well, hey ... that's nice to hear. Because from a fan perspective, when you see Brian Cashman blindside Jordan Montgomery with a trade and then bad mouth him on his way to St. Louis, or unnecessarily bring in the famously toxic Josh Donaldson via an ill-advised blockbuster trade, you get a totally different idea of what's going on behind closed doors.

And don't forget about the past Marcus Stroman beef! Cashman bad-mouthed him, too, but ended up bringing him to the Bronx on a two-year deal last week. Coincidentally, after Taillon left New York, the Cubs signed him to a four-year contract and he had some overlap with Stro in the Windy City.

How about some more good news? Taillon provided a glowing review for his former teammate. And that's saying a lot because Taillon endured a rather rough 2023 -- his first season after signing a four-year, $68 million contract -- which could very well affect one's say on a certain experience.

Jameson Taillon gives Marcus Stroman signing big approval and praises Yankees

Taillon didn't rave about the Yankees officially bringing Stroman on board because this interview occurred before that happened, but he did give the right-hander a ringing endorsement and an unofficial stamp of approval for whatever team landed him.

He talked about Stroman's intensity and fun personality, both of which seemingly helped bring the Cubs' clubhouse together. Yankees fans sure love to hear stuff like that, right?

Stroman reportedly had a face-to-face with Cashman leading up to the agreement and we can assume the air was cleared, with the Yankees getting a renewed sense of what he could bring to the table without the outside perception of Stroman affecting their judgement.

We'd have to say, this seems to be off to a good start, especially because Taillon, one of the most level-headed and straightforward players in the game, offered an honest perspective. It's no wonder he was well-liked in his short time with the Bombers.