3 possible trade destinations for Aaron Hicks as Yankees 'frustration' builds

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Yankees
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Yankees / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Aaron Hicks Trade Destination: San Francisco Giants

Yes, San Francisco, you can have Aaron, the outfielder from the New York Yankees!

If there's a team out there that might be able to turn Hicks back into a semi-productive rotational outfielder, it could be the Giants, though he's got to beware of AT&T Park's large gaps.

As Yankee fans saw over the weekend, the Giants' entire ethos revolves around aggression, taking chances, and grabbing opportunities that appear at the margins. They aren't going to out-slug the Padres and Dodgers. Therefore, they have to play clean baseball. They have to bunt. And they have to hit on a few big swings.

Don't, uh, show the Giants Hicks' defensive highlight reel from last season, but with Mitch Haniger an injury question mark and Michael Conforto always threatening to become one, the team that won 107 games in 2021 by turning LaMonte Wade Jr. and Mike Yastrzemski into contributors might be willing to roll the dice with Hicks as a fourth outfielder (and, again, will probably only be interested if the Yankees take on ~75% of the contract).

Will the Yankees be willing to Steve Cohen this problem to make it go away? If so, Gabe Kapler could certainly get some of the remaining value out of Hicks. Certainly, the Giants are still searching in the outfield, picking up former Dodger Matt Beaty minutes before Opening Day. An unsettled outfield picture somewhere, anywhere is Hicks' best-case scenario right about now.