Will the Yankees get City Connect jerseys this year?

Aaron Judge Press Conference
Aaron Judge Press Conference / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

Eventually, the time will come for the New York Yankees to add sleeve advertising patches and get an alternate City Connect jersey, courtesy of the fine folks at Nike.

It would seem that neither of those things will be happening in 2023, despite earlier rumors to the contrary.

We're still waiting on the Yankees to secure an advertising sponsor, but first and foremost, the Bombers are not listed on Nike's schedule for 2023 City Connect jersey releases (which are, strangely, nearly done for the year).

The Yanks are still on the shrinking list of teams without a fresh alternate yet, joined by the (clears throat) Guardians, Twins, Mets, Athletics, Phillies, Cardinals, Rays, Blue Jays and Tigers.

Yankees City Connect Jersey: Not so fast, folks.

Imagine giving the Oakland A's a City Connect jersey? "Let's celebrate our Oakland heritage, and this fine city! Don't mind us packing up a suitcase and scoping out Vegas sites!"

The Oakland release would be absurdly awkward, but the other nine teams should receive alternates before too long, considering MLB released seven jerseys in each of the program's first two seasons, then six in 2023.

They're running out of leash before they have to give the Yankees a design, which begs the question ... what could it possibly be? The heavy favorite is something dark with silver lettering, similar to the team's Spring Training alternates (which would, honestly, be nice to see in the regular rotation).

Odds are, the eventual Yankees offering is disappointing. Expect something like the Dodgers' "Los Dodgers" alternates, which they almost never wear, and which have been tweaked in the interest of normalcy several times since being introduced.

Still ... until the jerseys are officially announced, it's fun to dream on what could be. Lady Liberty logos? A torch over the chest? Subway graffiti-themed? Just cross your fingers, get on your knees and pray it's not as bad as whatever the Brooklyn Nets keep getting stuck with.