Why New York Yankees righty Clayton Beeter should be called up this season 

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A week can change a lot.

If you were to ask a New York Yankees fan last week about their rotation depth to start the season, they may have expressed some concerns about the back end, but would not have been utterly disgusted by the Bombers’ setup.

The recent news that Cy Young winner Gerrit Cole will miss at least one to two months due to an elbow injury surely changed how many felt about the Yankees’ rotation, and could be seen as another reason to call up Clayton Beeter at some point this season.

“There’s probably four or five candidates that are probably … still realistically in that conversation,” Boone told the New York Post when asked about who may be the rotation’s fifth pitcher. “Probably in my head, I certainly have a favorite, I guess, but you’re also trying to let things unfold.”

Yankees prospect Clayton Beeter showing he deserves starts in 2024 rotation

Beeter enjoyed a solid 2023 in the minor leagues. He posted a 3.62 ERA across 131.2 total innings at Double-A and Triple-A. The Fort Worth native has also been particularly good during spring training. He’s earned a 2.00 ERA in nine innings and has punched out 11 batters in the process. 

His fastball and slider combination were effective against the Philadelphia Phillies in a March 11th exhibition that saw him sling four innings of scoreless baseball, only surrendering two hits against a lineup of bonafide starters.

Even if New York is uncomfortable calling up Beeter now, the time for him to ascend to the big leagues is most certainly looming. In addition to Cole’s injury, it is not known how Nestor Cortes Jr. or Carlos Rodón will fare in 2024. Both dealt with injuries last season, and even when they found their way to the mound, neither truly seemed to be in rhythm.  

Calling up Beeter could serve as a needed preemptive strike. Fans were clamoring for New York to sign either Blake Snell or Jordan Montgomery to complement Cole and be present in the event that Cortes, Rodón, or Clarke Schmidt (coming off a career high in innings pitched) went down.

With the Yankees failing to acquire either pitcher and missing out on a potential trade for White Sox righty Dylan Cease, Beeter could become necessary quickly, if he’s not already. 

Regardless of how the 25-year-old would perform out of the gate, bringing him to the show could help the Pinstripes survive the initial loss of Cole and later lengthen a rotation that could face challenges this summer.