Yankees Tax on stunning display in new Rangers-White Sox Dylan Cease rumor

The prices could not be more different.
Chicago White Sox Photo Day
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No, the Yankees are not likely to obtain White Sox ace Dylan Cease. Chicago desires Spencer Jones. So does everybody. The Yankees won't budge.

But have you seen what's being deemed a "realistic" Texas Rangers package by someone involved in the talks, per Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic? Quibble all you want with Spencer Jones vs. Joey Ortiz and DL Hall, but Jones' potential objectively mops the floor with all three of these rumored Rangers in their current state -- including one player the Yankees themselves discarded, once upon a time, in exchange for Joey Gallo.

That player was left nailed to the bench during Texas' 2023 World Series run.

Cease talks are pretty plainly ramping up in recent days, in a context entirely independent of Gerrit Cole's elbow. The Yankees have checked in. The Rangers and Padres appear to be closer to consummating a deal, based on the ferocity of scout/front office movement and amount of names exchanged. According to Rosenthal, the Rangers would have to surrender a package equal to, but not necessarily including, Ezequiel Duran, right-hander Brock Porter (No. 4 on MLB Pipeline's Top 30 list), and righty Jack Leiter, once the No. 2 overall pick.

Yankees have to beat Rangers' embarrassing "realistic" trade package for Dylan Cease

With all due respect to different folks having different strokes, how is Roderick Arias/Chase Hampton/Everson Pereira not miles beyond this package, highlighted by a non-Top 100 prospect, a starter with top pick (and fatherly) pedigree who looks lost in the minors (5.19 ERA/1.46 WHIP last year) and a utility player who was exiled in October? Since when is a Dylan Cease trade an "I Can Fix Him" opportunity?

Cheer up, though, Yankees fans. Rosenthal also mentioned that Brian Cashman's in on Michael Lorenzen. Juan Soto's walk year has been saved.

Cease had a worrisome 2023 season, complete with a rising WHIP and ERA (1.418 and 4.58, respectively), as he racked up strikeouts in the AL Central's basement. Ignore questions about readiness, temperament, and fit in the Bronx for just a few minutes, though. If the expectations are this out of wack for the Yankees' theoretical package, compared to the "solid arm and regressing goods" package the Rangers are expected to surrender here, how is New York going to acquire anyone of value at the deadline, either? Somebody, please, be rational. Right now, it feels as if the Yankees are negotiating on Jupiter while MLB's other teams are allowed to turn in their papers after midnight.

Lorenzen it is.