When do the Yankees play the Red Sox in MLB's new balanced 2023 schedule?

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees / Elsa/GettyImages

Thanks to MLB's brand-new balanced schedule, 2023 will look a little different for the New York Yankees.

Oh, also the bases are bigger, pitchers are limited in the amount of pickoff throws they can make, second basemen have to stay out of the outfield, and Aaron Judge is playing with gobs of money in his back pocket now. But other than that.

This season, the Yankees will only play four series against each of their AL East opponents instead of six, blessedly slicing some awful road series with the Sox, Jays and Rays off their docket. One fewer visit to each one of those hellholes should do a body good.

Instead, the Yankees will be playing ... the Dodgers and Padres? Oh, come on. Well, Manfred tried.

With Opening Day against the Giants (???) at home just over a month away, it's time for a refresher course on when exactly the Yankees and Red Sox will resume their rivalry. Much like last season, these games are relatively spread apart.

Yankees Schedule 2023: When do the Yankees play the Red Sox?

Yankees-Red Sox Schedule


June 9-11, 2023

New York

June 16-18, 2023


Aug. 18-20, 2023

New York

Sept. 11-14, 2023


Other than the absurd decision to play Yankees-Red Sox on Sept. 11 on the road, this is a pretty clean slate. Only a singular four-game nightmare at Fenway Park, and it isn't the final week of the season or during a summer stretch of eight Yankees-Sox games in, like, 12 days, which has happened more than we care to revisit recently.

Plus, the other three Yankees-Sox series are all on the weekend, giving the Bombers prime Sunday Night Baseball potential, but also a high likelihood of some pretty pleasant Saturday matinees. Add in the welcome subtraction of six games with those mongrels in Boston, and you've got a pretty good outlook for tri-state area mental health.

Boston isn't projected to be a problem this season, but you and I both know how that usually turns out. Justin Turner rediscovers his form, Masataka Yoshida wins Rookie of the Year, Brayan Bello becomes Pedro Martinez ... or, at least, they all do those things whenever they see Yankees uniforms in the opposing dugout.

Only 13 games. We can do it.