What time do the New York Yankees play on Opening Day?

New York Yankees' Fans Head To The Team's Home Opener Against Rival Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees' Fans Head To The Team's Home Opener Against Rival Boston Red Sox / Spencer Platt/GettyImages

What could've been a New York Yankees nightmare on Opening Day will instead be a coronation of a Captain.

Aaron Judge, briefly a San Francisco Giant in typo form only, re-signed with the Yankees in early Dec. after Hal Steinbrenner confirmed his intentions and made him an offer he couldn't refuse (unless that offer was coming from the Padres).

Now, Judge will be rocking his familiar pinstripes and No. 99 when the Yankees take the field on March 30 at Yankee Stadium, and will receive an ovation more adoring than any of his other 500-ish cheers in the Bronx.

And they won't even have Yankees thorn Carlos Correa to contend with in the other dugout, either! Truly, this could not have gone better.

The end to the Yankees' offseason came into clearer view on Tuesday afternoon when MLB announced the official start times for Opening Day action across the league. Needless to say, this news hit better than the August day when the Yankees' worrisome opponent was revealed.

When do New York Yankees play on Opening Day 2023 vs. San Francisco Giants?

MLB revealed game times for the entire 2023 schedule on Tuesday, actually, and it all begins with Opening Day in the Bronx at 1:05 PM EST. Bright and early. Get that baconeggandcheese, add that saltpepperketchup, pack a tall boy or two from the bodega, and roll up to the stadium gates with plenty of time to get past security (and polish off all that sandwich/brew before you test the metal detectors).

The Yankees' roster seems nearly complete, though there will be plenty of new faces on display during the team's opening series. Harrison Bader will be experiencing his first Opening Day in the Bronx, though the Westchester native experienced plenty in his hometown of Bronxville. It seems likely Oswald Peraza will be starting his first Opening Day at shortstop, too, though Aaron Boone and Co. have made some weird opener decisions in the past (Troy Tulowitzki, anyone?).

And, when the curtain rises on Game 2, Carlos Rodón should be on the mound. Carlos Rodón!

Opening Day can't get here soon enough. Luckily, when the day finally arrives, Yankee fans have the shortest wait time of anyone.