What is Lou Gehrig Day? Schedule, Opponent & All Festivities

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New York Yankees icon Lou Gehrig may have been given a bad break (as he put it) back in 1939, but he still had an awful lot to live for.

That's one reason why his legacy lives on to the modern era -- the eternal and immense respect he'd earned during his Yankees career.

Unfortunately, the other reason Gehrig is still a mainstream, guiding figure in the modern MLB is far more distressing; despite decades of research, doctors still do not have a cure for ALS, the mysterious degenerative condition that ultimately took his life.

Major League Baseball plans to honor Gehrig's legacy and spur on the race for the cure once again in 2023. This season, the celebration of Gehrig's powerful life will take place across the league on June 2, 2023, and teams across the game will don Gehrig patches and approximate the collective energy of Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day at Yankee Stadium all those years ago.

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Lou Gehrig Day 2023: When does MLB celebrate Yankees legend's life, legacy?

The Yankees, ironically, will be among the last teams to celebrate Lou Gehrig Day in 2023. On June 2, New York will be visiting Dodger Stadium, and first pitch will be at 10:10 PM EST.

This will be MLB's third annual dedicated day in Gehrig's honor, with "4-ALS" banners stamped across the league's stadiums. The day chosen has special significance to Gehrig's career; June 2 was both the date that cemented him as the Yankees' starting first baseman, as well as the day he tragically died in 1941.

ALS has struck the baseball community hard in the decades that followed Gehrig's untimely passing. Yankees Hall of Famer Catfish Hunter also succumbed to the disease. Boston College's Pete Frates, a member of the school's baseball team, was the impetus for the viral Ice Bucket Challenge. Most recently, beloved stat head Sarah Langs announced her diagnosis, as the baseball community rallied around her ongoing fight.

This particular celebration will take place on a Friday evening, and if the Yankees couldn't be home, at least they've been scheduled to play at a baseball mecca. Hollywood won't let this story be forgotten.