Celebrate Lou Gehrig Day with a New York Yankees bobblehead


Today is Lou Gehrig Day and you can celebrate the life and legacy of the New York Yankees legend with a limited-edition bobblehead from FOCO.

It was 81 years ago that New York Yankees legend Lou Gehrig passed away after fighting ALS. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis became known as ‘Lou Gehrig’s Disease’ and continues to affect thousands worldwide.

Last year, June 2 was recognized as Lou Gehrig Day, and MLB teams wore patches honoring the late Yankees great.

The same is true this year – although teams will celebrate Gehrig throughout the month of June. But to commemorate Lou Gehrig Day, our friends at FOCO have dropped a new, limited-edition bobblehead that New York Yankees fans will love. 

Check it out below.


Only 304 of these are being produced – and once they’re sold out, they aren’t coming back. So if you have to add this to your collection, you need to check out FOCO as soon as possible.

You can secure a pre-order for $80 exclusively at FOCO. 

The bobbleheads stand eight inches tall and hand-crafted and hand-painted. FOCO’s quality in the bobblehead game is unmatched. These aren’t the hastily painted and poorly glued bobbleheads you’d get at the ballpark during a giveaway.

These are collectibles fit for any Yankees fan cave.

Don’t wait. Check out FOCO today to order your limited-edition Lou Gehrig bobblehead. 

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