WFAN has wild, full-circle solution for Yankees replacing Aaron Boone midseason

It's not going to happen but it would be awesome.
Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
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As we've said, it doesn't matter who you're fed up with at this point. All we know is that the New York Yankees need a change to get them out of this funk. The issues might run deeper than a simple dismissal, but it never hurts to try.

Right now, the easiest target is manager Aaron Boone, who can be dismissed without a second thought and almost nothing would change with the team. They definitely can't get worse. And when they were dominating, it's not like he was the difference. He was setting self-explanatory lineup cards and watching his starting rotation dominate. You or I could do that.

Maybe the issue is truly with the players. If that's the case, they need somebody to put the pressure on so they're not consistently going into slumbers that result in 5-15 stretches and erase all of the progress they'd recently made.

Since 2020, the Yankees have seen FOUR runs of 5-15 or worse, and that only occurred twice from 1996-2017. Not to mention, the 2021 season, though it didn't feature a collapse, was the worst campaign for a 92-win baseball team we might've ever seen.

So, yes, making a change at manager to salvage the 2024 season wouldn't be the worst thing ever, and WFAN thinks they have the perfect solution to replace Boone: Buck Showalter!

WFAN has wild, full-circle solution for Yankees replacing Aaron Boone midseason

Showalter's time with the Yankees in the '90s ended prematurely and he missed out on the team's championship window after George Steinbrenner fired him. The 1994 team was infamously on pace to run through the league at 70-43 before the strike ended the season.

World Series have evaded the former manager in heartbreaking fashion, most recently with his 2022 stint in Queens. The Mets had a premier opportunity to make a run, but Max Scherzer completely ruined their chances with one of the worst playoff starts ever. Showalter was also dismissed from the Diamondbacks in 2000 โ€” the year before they beat the Yankees in the Fall Classic.

Showalter, who won Manager of the Year in 2022, was sent packing by the Mets, who used him as a scapegoat after their laughable 2023 season that was the front office's doing. He's on the open market right now and is serving as an analyst for MLB Network.

He's worked with the Yankees organization in recent years as an analyst for the YES Network, so this really wouldn't take much heavy lifting. We can assure you this is not going to happen, but if the Yankees were serious about salvaging this year and avoiding a repeat of 2020-2023, they would move with intention on this front.

If not, expect a slow, steady, downward spiral before they're taken to the brink in the ALDS and then completely battered in the ALCS.