Something very weird is happening to ex-Yankee Gary Sánchez's Brewers deal

What's ... going on here?

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Texas Rangers v San Diego Padres / Orlando Ramirez/GettyImages

Over a week ago, formerly maligned Yankees catcher Gary Sánchez signed with the Milwaukee Brewers after reestablishing himself as a bonafide big-leaguer/Blake Snell's personal catcher in the second half of the 2023 season.

It was an odd fit. Milwaukee already had a bat-first catcher in William Contreras behind the plate, but one who played at an All-Star level. They added Eric Haase, formerly of the Tigers, for depth at the position, as well as ex-Padre Austin Nola. The Pirates, rumored to be in the Sánchez chase, balked at his asking price (which settled at $7 million with an option), allowing the Brewers to pounce, but ... why, exactly?

One week later, and that essential query still hasn't been resolved. The Sánchez deal hasn't been announced. Milwaukee hasn't cleared a roster spot. And nobody is talking.

FanSided's own Robert Murray, speaking on the Baseball Insiders podcast on Thursday, noted the oddity of the incomplete deal, as well as the radio silence he'd been receiving from Brewers sources when he tried to ask about it. Murray was, of course, the Brewers' Athletic beat writer for several years.

In response to an aggregation of his quote, Murray clarified that the deal hadn't been spiked, but confirmed the situation definitely registered as odd.

Former Yankees catcher Gary Sánchez hasn't signed (officially) with the Milwaukee Brewers just yet

After bouncing between the Mets and Giants' systems to start 2023 and scuffling in brief cups of coffee, Sánchez earned his bonafides back in San Diego, meshing well with Snell and slugging 19 homers/posting 2.4 bWAR in just 240 at-bats. He cashed in properly, earning a sizable guarantee, as well as a chance to be a valued trade deadline commodity, in case the Brewers crashed in the wake of dealing Corbin Burnes (they never do, but this could be the year).

Instead, Sánchez has yet to report to spring training with the rest of the Brewers' catchers, and the ex-Yankee's deal suddenly seems more like fable than fact.

Whatever's gone wrong with Sánchez's agreement, it would be nice to see it resolved soon, allowing his National League renaissance to continue. Whatever keeps him out of Boston, right?