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Yankees Add One More Familiar Face to Spring Training

After "splurging" on Greg Allen last week, it's time for the Yankees to bring back one more former member of the team who's been hanging around Aaron Judge in recent weeks: Corey Kluber, fresh off a season in Boston that ended his time as a viable big-leaguer.

No, not as a player. Kluber formally retired on Friday, via a statement on Instagram. As a tutor.

Kluber's Bostonian flop (-0.8 bWAR subtracted, 7.04 ERA, some time away from the rotation) came on a one-year, $10 million deal that helped usher Chaim Bloom out of town. If the Klubot were still looking for big-league guarantees of any kind, this would not be a fit. But if he's just looking to hook onto someone's spring training camp to spread wisdom before riding off into the proverbial sunset, that would be a phenomenal fit for New York.

He'd be a borderline pitching coach in waiting, but this is the time to bring him back into the fold as a guest instructor, allowing him to spend spring training tutoring the Yankees' kids. After all, that's part of the reason Michael King was able to find as much success as he did from 2021 to present. He mastered Kluber's breaking ball -- and you can, too, if you lock him in for the low, low price of a spring training invite and ticket to Scranton.

Just ask Judge. He can't stop inviting Kluber to events and including him as part of his entourage. Kluber's future as a teacher had better land him somewhere in the Yankees' system. Why not get a head start?