3 Yankees who don't deserve a 40-man roster spot heading into 2024

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On Monday, the New York Yankees did some 40-man roster maneuvering when they sent Matt Gage to the Los Angeles Dodgers in a trade for lefty reliever Caleb Ferguson. Though Gage appeared to be a fit, the Yanks are going with a known quantity in Ferguson.

Funny part is ... many fans thought Gage would be an asset to the 40-man roster. And maybe he would've been. But Ferguson is definitely a safer bet and helps better paint a bullpen picture as we get closer to spring training.

The bullpen, however, could use some upgrades. Though the roster is definitely "ready" for the 2024 season, it's far from perfect and moves could still be made to address the deficiencies. In fact, per reports, the Yankees are not satisfied with their pitching staff and could still strike a trade over the next month or so.

So who's on the roster bubble? Who could get the axe if the Yankees make a 40-man move? These few might be in danger if push comes to shove.

3 Yankees who don't deserve a 40-man roster spot heading into 2024

Carlos Narvaez

Let's preface this by saying none of this is designed to run a player out of town. It's just an exercise of where the Yankees have a surplus or where they need more fortification. For Carlos Narvaez, his case falls in the former.

The Yankees have FIVE catchers on the 40-man roster and it's clear they're rolling with Austin Wells and Jose Trevino in the bigs with Ben Rortvedt (Gerrit Cole's best friend piñata) at Triple-A. Then you have Agustin Ramirez, a promising young slugger that needed protection from the Rule 5 Draft after Kyle Higashioka was traded to the Padres. The 22-year-old Dominican has reached Double-A and has impressed the last two seasons.

Narvaez was protected from the Rule 5 Draft as well, but he's already 25 years old and reached Double-A for the first time in 2023. He doesn't sport the same power as Ramirez and his defense cratered a bit once he reached Triple-A.

The Venezuelan is by no means an inadequate player -- he's just on the bottom of this totem pole. Watch for the Yankees to trade him in a larger deal for some pitching or infield depth.