Predicting 3 moves Yankees will make before 2024 spring training

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
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The New York Yankees' roster has nearly been polished off, with pitchers and catchers on the verge of reporting to spring training. They're stepping off planes. They're walking down the runway. They're testing out their Hilton Honors Digital Keys. They're so close.

The Yankees are nearly done, too, but still have a little bit of work to do before camp gets underway. Some analysts seem to believe they could still feast in the stagnant Blake Snell market, but after committing to Marcus Stroman, that feels unlikely at any price. Brian Cashman could flip prospects for a pitcher the team hasn't been connected to publicly after whiffing on Corbin Burnes -- Triston McKenzie? Edward Cabrera? Bryan Woo? It's tough to go as far as predicting a surprise bombshell, though. Could happen. Probably won't. Burnes was their best chance, but Milwaukee had to go and beg for Spencer Jones before settling for Baltimore's inferior prospect package.

Eh, it happens. All the time. It happens all the time.

Caleb Ferguson might've been the move that finished off the big-league bullpen, but the Yankees still have some 40-man roster problems to cut through and spring training invites they could dole out. Expect some shuffling in the weeks to come.

Predicting 3 roster moves Yankees will make before 2024 spring training

Yankees Sign Ex-Tiger to Minor-League Pact

It's odd that no one has taken a chance on Spencer Turnbull yet. Then again, the entire offseason has been quiet as a mouse in Fenway Park's Green Monster. It's odd that so much talent remains available, and coming off an unsuccessful return from injury (seven starts, 7.26 ERA), Spencer's had to wait his Turnbull.

Signing Brandon Woodruff to a two-year contract that keeps him potentially available down the stretch and ready to snag a rotation spot in 2025 might be the savvier move, and the advanced version of taking a flyer on Turnbull.

But there's a no-hitter-throwing pitcher who peaked in 2021 pre-injury available for a song right now. Michael Lorenzen would require a big-league guarantee. The 31-year-old Turnbull likely would not. Considering how often the Yankees are forced to rely on their Triple-A rotation for mid-year depth, it would be wise to cram a few more upside plays onto that staff among the top prospects.