Orioles shocking trade for Corbin Burnes proves Brewers blackballed Yankees

Washington Nationals v Milwaukee Brewers
Washington Nationals v Milwaukee Brewers / Kayla Wolf/GettyImages

Pardon us for thinking the Milwaukee Brewers were going to "go for it" in 2024 after signing Rhys Hoskins. The New York Yankees now have to shift their trade deadline plans six months in advance after what happened Thursday night.

Per reports, the Baltimore Orioles are acquiring ace Corbin Burnes from the Brew Crew in a stunning turn of events. At the very least, with the way the offseason was trending, most thought Milwaukee would hold onto their most prized asset for the first few months of the season to see how things went.

But it appears the Brewers are throwing in the towel before the fight even began. And they delivered a gut punch to the Yankees by dealing him to a division rival that was teetering in the edge of incompetence with the offseason nearing a close.

The Orioles are in the process of being sold to a new ownership group and their only notable move this offseason was importing Craig Kimbrel. Despite the most stacked farm system in the league and a ton of money to spend because of their favorable payroll situation, the O's were among the least active teams despite (seemingly) endless resources to upgrade their impressive young core.

Well, now they did it. And they somehow surrendered barely anything for one of the best and most durable pitchers in the game.

Orioles shocking trade for Corbin Burnes proves Brewers blackballed Yankees

We're going to give the Yankees' front office the benefit of the doubt here and assume they were involved because ... why wouldn't they have been? One year of Burnes at ~$15 million? Even with the 100% luxury tax penalty, you'd pay $30 million for one year of Burnes any day of the week.

Previous reports suggested the Burnes conversation might've had to start with Jasson Dominguez or Spencer Jones, the two best prospects in the Yankees' system. Even Anthony Volpe's name was floated at one point! It's unclear how true that was, but the fact the Orioles got away with murder here feels like Cashman and Co. were once again blackballed or had to deal with the infamous "Yankees Tax."

The O's sent their Nos. 6 and 7 prospects plus a draft pick back to Milwaukee. How you don't part with ANY of your top-five prospects in such a deal is baffling, especially with the suspected amount of suitors interested in Burnes.

As for the Yankees, maybe the benefit here is that Dylan Cease's price just went way down because of what the Brewers fetched for Burnes. Fans just have to hope New York's consolation prize isn't Noah Syndergaard.