Most likely Yankees player to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame next

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On Tuesday evening, Major League Baseball announced the Baseball Hall of Fame voting results and Philadelphia Phillies/St. Louis Cardinals legend Scott Rolen was the only player to get inducted with 76.3% of the vote.

A few former New York Yankees weren't so lucky, as Andruw Jones (58.1%), Gary Sheffield (55%), Carlos Beltran (46.5%), Alex Rodriguez (35.7%), Andy Pettitte (17%) and Bobby Abreu (15.4%) were well short of the 75% threshold. Thankfully, Bombers fans saw Derek Jeter get enshrined in 2021 (elected in 2020), but it could be a few years before they see another former Yankee earn the honors.

Most likely Yankees player to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame next

At this rate, we can assume A-Rod will never get in. Not only was he associated with the steroid era, but he failed two performance-enhancing drug tests. And if Barry Bonds, the greatest offensive player we've ever seen, isn't getting in, then neither is Rodriguez.

So what about the other realistic possibilities from this ballot and those who will join in 2024? Next year is Sheffield's final year of eligibility, but he needs a big bump since he was 20% short this time around.

As for Jones, he has four years remaining on the ballot and he has seen his chances increase each and every year, from 7.3% in 2018 to 58.1% in 2023. Jones finished his career with the Yankees after spending 2011 and 2012 with the team.

Then we have Beltran, who's probably the most likely option (he played for the Yankees from 2014-2016). 2023 was his first year on the ballot, and it's encouraging he approached 50% of the vote. We can probably expect Beltran to get inducted in 2025 or 2026, considering Todd Helton is likely for next year and Adrian Beltre is probable for 2025 (if he's not a first-ballot selection in 2024).

A couple of former Yankees (and unlikely options) will hit the ballot in 2024, too. Matt Holliday, Bartolo Colon, Chase Headley and Phil Hughes will get in on the action. If we were to rank the most likely options, it'd be Beltran, Jones, Sheffield and Rodriguez, who might as well be lumped in with the likelihood of the 2024 newcomers.

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Full 2023 Baseball Hall of Fame Voting Results

1. Scott Rolen (76.3%)

2. Todd Helton (72.2%)

3. Billy Wagner (68.1%)

4. Andruw Jones (58.1%)

5. Gary Sheffield (55%)

6. Carlos Beltran (46.5%)

7. Jeff Kent (46.5%)

8. Alex Rodriguez (35.7%)

9. Manny Ramirez (33.2%)

10. Omar Vizquel (19.5%)

11. Andy Petttitte (17%)

12. Bobby Abreu (15.4%)

13. Jimmy Rollins (12.9%)

14. Mark Buehrle (10.8%)

15. Francisco Rodriguez (10.8%)

16. Torii Hunter (6.9%)

Here's an early look at the 2024 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot.