MLB Power Rankings, April 14: Can Yankees catch the stupid good Rays?

New York Yankees v Cleveland Guardians
New York Yankees v Cleveland Guardians / Ron Schwane/GettyImages
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MLB Power Rankings: The "Buyers or Sellers?" Tier

14. Pittsburgh Pirates
13. Texas Rangers
12. Houston Astros
11. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
10. Los Angeles Dodgers

Even Dodgers fans wouldn't argue that they deserve better treatment, at this point.

Just kidding about the whole "Buyers or Sellers?" thing; the Pirates won't be buying, no matter how much their fans beg them to, and the Astros will rise up out of these ranks soon enough. The other three teams will all try to patch things up midseason, to varying degrees.

The Dodgers know the calvary is (hopefully) coming this offseason when Shohei Ohtani is available, but they'll make some maneuvers midway through this campaign to help James Outman, Miguel Vargas and the other kids. The Angels still need a bullpen, though the offense might be in its finest form since their last playoff appearance in 2014. The Rangers have some sort of deluded sense of their own potential, so that roster's not done cooking.

Unfortunately, this is exactly where you don't want to be. Stuck in between.