MLB Power Rankings, April 14: Can Yankees catch the stupid good Rays?

New York Yankees v Cleveland Guardians
New York Yankees v Cleveland Guardians / Ron Schwane/GettyImages
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MLB Power Rankings: Friskiest Tier Yet

9. Arizona Diamondbacks
8. San Diego Padres
7. Cleveland Guardians
6. Minnesota Twins

All of these teams would be extremely fun to see in the MLB playoffs! And at least three of them seem likely to make it; the Arizona Diamondbacks have a significant hill yet to climb to get there. But, at this point, they're leading the NL West and more than held their own against the Dodgers in eight matchups to begin the season (5-3). Eight matchups?! Eight matchups.

The Padres are the Padres, a star-studded group that's one Joe Musgrove rehab away from making a significant push. The Guardians are the Guardians; they're version 2.0 of the team that won the AL Central by virtue of 1,000 nicks, cuts and bleeders ahead of Jose Ramirez, who brought every runner in with his wide variety of lasers.

The Minnesota Twins? They might just be different this year, after flipping Luis Arraez for now-obvious breakout Pablo López. After decades of getting battered by the Yankees, Minnesota walked into the Bronx on Thursday night and put up nine runs in the top of the first inning. Call that a Twin Killing.