Jordan Montgomery firing Scott Boras is the perfect Yankees revenge

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The New York Yankees tried to help Scott Boras avoid an offseason failure for the ages. They reportedly offered one of his clients, Blake Snell, a $150 million contract during free agency, but it was rejected. The Yanks quickly pivoted to sign Marcus Stroman for a fraction of the price.

Sorry, there's just no time to waste, and just about everyone is done playing games with Boras, who failed to get a single multi-year guarantee for his five top clients ahead of the 2024 season. All of Snell, Matt Chapman, JD Martinez, Cody Bellinger and Jordan Montgomery got one-year deals with (insert whatever stipulation beyond 2024). Not ideal for guys who all should've heavily been in demand.

Montgomery, the former Yankee, perhaps had it the worst. He came off a career season and a run to the World Series that would get almost any starting pitcher paid by their demands. Instead, Monty ended up with a one-year, $25 million contract with the D-backs (and some kind of vesting player option for 2025 ... what???). Show of hands, after firing Boras, who thinks Monty's sticking around in Arizona?

The Yankees and Montgomery reportedly engaged in talks multiple times this offseason but the two sides couldn't work out an agreement. Probably for the best anyway. But again, the Yankees tried.

As the offseason progressed, it was revealed the Yankees didn't pursue Boras' clients as aggressively this time around because Hal Steinbrenner felt like Boras "burned" him with the Carlos Rodón deal. The jury's still out on that, but if you shelled out $162 million and saw what Rodón did in 2023, you'd flip out, too.

Well, chalk up a minor win for Steinbrenner and anybody else in the Yankees universe who is anti-Boras, because Montgomery fired the super agent on Thursday and switched over to Wasserman.

Jordan Montgomery firing Scott Boras is the perfect Yankees revenge

Boras no longer has a chance to cash in on a long-term Montgomery contract next offseason when the left-hander likely hits the open market and tries this all over again. After this historic dud, you can't blame Monty for making the switch.

Also, it remains to be seen how Boras' shortcomings affect the Yankees in the coming months. He also represents Juan Soto, who New York will undoubtedly be trying to re-sign when November arrives.

Might Boras relent and be willing to discuss a contract extension in season to make this stink go away? Or is he going to double down and be out for blood when the offseason arrives?

Either way, Boras could be losing steam after what's happened over the last six months. If that's the case, it's a win for the Yankees. If not, they'll be prepared for battle when negotiations arrive for Soto at the end of the season.

Fans are just glad there were some consequences for Boras after his long, unnecessary holdout as he seemed to be toying with players' futures. And it helps the hammer was dropped by a former Yankee.