How Yankees should build lineup if they insist on Anthony Volpe in leadoff spot

When did "10 Years From Now" become "Now"?
Miami Marlins v New York Yankees
Miami Marlins v New York Yankees / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

Someday, Anthony Volpe absolutely deserves to be the Yankees' leadoff hitter, especially if he's going to show off speed, agitation and occasional bouts of surprising pop. The sophomore budding star has a chance to take the game by the reins this year and really emerge on the national scene -- and, for the purposes of the 2024 Yankees, he should probably stay towards the bottom of the lineup for now.

Unfortunately, the Yankees decided to fix what was absolutely not broken on Wednesday, elevating Volpe to leadoff with a 10-2 record, only to watch the bottom of the lineup crumble (and, yes, Aaron Judge falter) in a 5-2 loss to the Miami Marlins power-packed with bad luck. It happens sometimes. You lose baseball games, even to 1-11 teams. Volpe remained great! He went 1-for-3 with a well-struck infield single and a pair of walks. But the 6-through-9 hitters (struggling Gleyber Torres, Alex Verdugo, Jon Berti, Jose Trevino) were missing something. And that something was Volpe.

And, well, two other guys.

For the time being, with Volpe ignited and the team by and large functioning well, we'd continue to hit him further down in the order. But, if the Yankees insist on an early promotion, here's how we'd fix things down below.

Yankees ideal lineup with Anthony Volpe in leadoff spot

1. Anthony Volpe, SS
2. Juan Soto, RF
3. Aaron Judge, CF
4. Anthony Rizzo, 1B
5. Giancarlo Stanton, DH
6. Alex Verdugo, LF
7. Gleyber Torres, 2B
8. Oswaldo Cabrera, 3B
9. Austin Wells, C

No shame in batting seventh in this lineup, Gleyber!

There's plenty of wisdom in keeping Giancarlo Stanton in the cleanup spot during his current heater (despite our knee-jerk reaction to his pitiful home opener), but while we're in the lab, we might as well alternate lefty/righty down through the eighth spot, as well as attempt to get Verdugo a little more protection. Eventually, Torres will heat up, and he's a more effective buffer than Jon Berti/Jose Trevino.

As for the eight-nine spot, Cabrera's early-season heater may eventually fizzle out, but while he remains among the team's best run-producers, he's earned every opportunity, especially as a lefty in Yankee Stadium (who appears to be becoming less of a switch-hitter by the day). The Marlins threw three consecutive lefties in this series, essentially nailing him to the bench. Hopefully, his flame isn't already extinguished.

Jose Trevino, until proven otherwise, is a fantastic backup catcher and defensive stalwart. There's no need for early overreactions on Wells' cold bat, and there's no need for calls to send Trevino, a 2022 All-Star and Platinum Glove winner, into exile. But, at this moment, he should be treated as Wells' caddy, and not the other way around.

This Yankees lineup, when fully firing, has already humbled several top pitchers by exhausting them, then feasting on the ensuing middle relief brigade. All they have to do is keep things stable, and they just might be alright. If they insist on a shakeup (which, again, Volpe has earned, even if it all seems hasty), this is likely the best way to reaffirm the foundation.