Alex Verdugo's explanation for Yankees' new celebration made things more confusing

Miami Marlins v New York Yankees
Miami Marlins v New York Yankees / Christopher Pasatieri/GettyImages

Like all good celebrations, the 2024 New York Yankees' hand gestures appear to have a lengthy mythology. And, like the helpful maps at the beginning of every Lord of the Rings book that are written in full-on gibberish, Alex Verdugo is here to clear things up.

Following any big play these days, the Yankees can be seen running towards the dugout making small dog hand gestures, the kind you'd see in shadow puppets. They're also barking. A lot. Dawg-themed iconography has already found its way to t-shirts and postgame tweets. The meaning of that is obvious; dogs never give up. Dogs are relentless. Dogs are the type of animals you want to get into a foxhole with. Doghole. So far, we endorse.

But Verdugo took things a step further on Tuesday night. After asking the gathered media, "Who doesn't like to bark?" (no one), he launched into a lengthy description of how the Yankees/Dawgs age as the day/game drones on, which...alright? Feels like a bit of an unnecessary wrinkle, but we'll allow it.

Yankees' Dawg celebration begins as tiny chihuahuas, per Alex Verdugo

Wait ... so every day, they start as baby dogs again? Why did this celebration have to defy nature's dog laws?

Verdugo has certainly become a fuller-fledged chihuahua these past few days (though apparently, again, that means nothing, as he must start anew each morning). After switching up his high socks and altering his chain usage, he broke out with a 3-for-3 game against the Marlins, which he followed up with his first Yankee Stadium home run in pinstripes, a blast that proved to be integral to a 3-2 win on Tuesday.

His one-knee swing was memorable enough, but his NSFW tirade through the dugout rightly got most of the shine.

If Verdugo's best attribute in 2024 is his creation and explanation of team-galvanizing meme celebrations, that honestly might be good enough; Jasson Dominguez is eventually on the way. For now, though, he's starting to hit a little bit, too. Combine that with his defense and toddler doggery, and we just might have something brewing here.