Harrison Bader straight up lying in Mets presser gets Yankees fans riled up

Why does every former Yankee do this?
New York Yankees v Miami Marlins
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Why does it seem like every former Yankee does this? Either they leave the team and immediately grow a beard, or they leave the team and immediately reverse course on everything they said and claimed to believe during their time in pinstripes.

For Harrison Bader and Luis Severino -- both of whom are now with the Mets -- the duo sported beards in their introductory press conference. It's either a troll job that every departed Yankee does this (Aaron Hicks was the most recent example) or the Yankees do a terrible job acquiring players who want nothing to do with their outdated facial hair policy.

But when Bader and Sevy started talking, there was a stark difference. For as frustrating as Severino was as a Yankee, he had very nice things to say about the organization and spoke fondly of his tenure in the Bronx, going as far to say he thought he would die a member of the Bombers.

Bader? Nobody was asking for a glowing review of his 13 months with the Yankees, but we didn't think the alternative was downright lying.

Remember when Bader was placed on waivers this past August and was claimed by the Cincinnati Reds? He gave a tearful goodbye when speaking to the media, talking about how it was always his dream to play for the Yankees, a team he always pictured himself suiting up for. Fast forward five months and ... ACKSHUALLYYYY he always saw himself playing for the Mets!

Harrison Bader straight up lying in Mets presser gets Yankees fans riled up

Of course, even when he was a Yankee, now that the relationship is over, he always envisioned himself playing somewhere else ... specifically one borough over for an objectively worse team. And what timing! Now we learn about the Bader family and friends being Mets fans after the entire hype of him coming to the Bronx was that he had a large Yankees contingent behind him.

As you can see, something was a lie here! We just don't know what.

Hmmm what else? Oh yeah, former Yankees discovering basic things to improve upon after leaving. Severino talked about how he wanted to focus on getting more sleep. Bader? He's going to prioritize conditioning, a basic tenet of training for any sport in existence.

Once upon a time, we wanted Bader here for the long(er) haul. His 2022 heroics in the postseason immediately convinced Yankees fans he possessed the edge necessary for performing under the bright lights. We loved Bader. Still kinda wish it worked out!

But an injury-filled 2023 campaign derailed that. As did his body language as the year progressed. It's all unfortunate and upsetting, but trying to rewrite a completely different narrative won't change anything.