Did Yankees create new team celebration to own Blue Jays over cheating accusations?

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays
New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays / Mark Blinch/GettyImages

This week's four-game set between the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays has made national news each night, starting Monday when Aaron Judge was accused of doing something suspicious when he looked toward his team's dugout during an at-bat in which he homered.

Then, on Tuesday, the two dugouts jawed back and forth, arguing over the positioning of the Yankees first and third base coaches. Domingo Germán was ejected for sticky stuff. SportsNet's pregame show suggested Kevin Gausman should throw at Judge. Blue Jays manager John Schneider called somebody "fat boy." Judge hit a go-ahead homer in the eighth inning again and the Yankees won their second straight game.

After that homer, he clearly took at shot at the Jays with his celebration, and that continued into Wednesday. Though the Yankees eventually lost 3-0 in extra innings, the Yankees have themselves a new way to fortify their team bonding.

See what you've done, Toronto? This probably won't end well for you, especially if you once again finish behind the Bombers in the standings.

Yankees' new celebration is definitely a shot at the Blue Jays

After Judge singled off Chris Bassitt in the third inning, he debuted a modified version of his Tuesday night showboat, which we can only hope will be commonplace for the remainder of the season.

This is obviously in response to the controversy stemming from Judge looking at the Yankees' dugout right before demolishing a home run off Jays reliever Jay Jackson, who later admitted to tipping his pitches (but also threw six straight sliders during that at-bat). Then, when Judge homered on Tuesday to win the game, the YES broadcast zoomed in on his face to show the viewers that he hadn't broken eye contact with pitcher Erik Swanson before going yard.

We'd once again like to reiterate that, even if he was looking in the dugout to receive any sort of relayed information, it'd be legal as long as the use of technology wasn't involved.

The Yankees and Jays don't face off again until September, so New York doesn't have the luxury of whipping out this celly frequently throughout the year whenever they're battling Toronto.

That's why it should be here to stay. The reigning MVP has the right to remind everybody that the biggest story of the MLB season to date was only further magnified because the Blue Jaus needed to find a scapegoat for their inability to beat the Yankees when the opportunity was served up on a silver platter.