Derek Jeter weighing in on Yankees blockbuster trades shows moves need to be made

Derek Jeter wants to see the Yankees trade for Juan Soto if he becomes available. But do the Yankees want to see it happen?
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Depends what your definition of a "blockbuster" trade is, of course. Because Brian Cashman seems to think it's acquiring guys like Joey Gallo, Josh Donaldson, Isiah Kiner-Falefa, Harrison Bader, Frankie Montas and Anthony Rizzo ... whereas someone like New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter is thinking bigger.

After the conclusion of Tuesday night's All-Star Game, the FOX postgame crew talked about what's to come in the second half. The San Diego Padres, naturally, were a topic of conversation because Juan Soto briefly joined the broadcast to talk about the NL's first ASG victory since 2011.

The Pads flailed throughout the entire first half of the season, stumbling to a 43-47 record, which has them 8.5 games back of the Dodgers and D-backs in the NL West. They're also six games back of the Wild Card race, trailing the 49-41 San Francisco Giants.

Many have wondered what might happen if the Padres continue to unravel right out of the gate in the second half. They have a number of assets expected to hit free agency after 2023, including Blake Snell, Josh Hader and Michael Wacha, so those are easy ones to speculate about.

But Jeter went a step further and pondered whether Soto might be a candidate to be dealt before Aug. 1. He also mentioned the Yankees as a suitor he'd like to see get involved because of Aaron Judge's current absence due to a toe injury.

Derek Jeter wants to see Yankees trade for Juan Soto if he's available

Wow, it's almost like ... the Yankees should be perennial contenders for the top names on the trade market and in free agency. Everyone seems to think that except for ... the Yankees?

For as much flak as fans give the organization, it could always be worse. This team signed Carlos Rodón to a $162 million contract in the offseason and kept Aaron Judge on a $360 million deal. Both Gerrit Cole and Giancarlo Stanton are under $300 million contracts. They aren't "cheap."

But they also aren't cutthroat. Just think about how much better they'd be with Freddie Freeman and Bryce Harper in the mix -- two players they undoubtedly could have signed had they gone the extra mile (or even tried). How many pitchers did they pass up from 2010-2016 that ultimately screwed them for their playoff runs from 2017-2019? Have they learned?

Jeter's perspective here would suggest the Yankees should have learned by now. Judge's absence has exposed them as a .500 team. Adding Soto into the mix as they wait for his return would be the definition of a shrewd move. Having him through 2024 alongside Judge would be a juggernaut move.

First, Jeter said the Astros were the team to beat in the AL. Now, he's suggesting the Yankees should operate like the Yankees. Is he trying to send a message? Even if he's not, he's flat out telling the truth, which is something Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner should take seriously.