Yankees Rumors: Aaron Boone's brother believes Aaron Judge will return soon

Which Boone do you believe, Yankees fans?

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Aaron Judge didn't make it to the All-Star Game in Seattle as he continues to recover from his toe injury suffered back in early June against the Dodgers in Los Angeles. The New York Yankees star has had a very vague timeline for his return, too, which has constantly worried fans.

His appearance on the TODAY Show provided some hope that he might be back soon-ish, but there haven't been any substantial updates -- outside of the report suggesting surgery could eventually be a requirement for the reigning AL MVP.

Manager Aaron Boone has hardly been any help throughout this process, but that's to be expected. He rarely ever provides specifics, and he's certaintly not going to overextend himself when it comes to one of the most important players in the sport.

But ... what about his brother? Bret Boone appeared on CBS Sports Radio this week, joining the Zach Gelb Show, and was asked about whether the Yankees manager could be able to get Judge back in the lineup again in 2023.

Not only did he say yes, but Bret believes Judge will be returning "right after the All-Star break" based on some "grumblings" he's been hearing, though he did specifically say his brother has been tight-lipped about the situation.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone's brother believes Aaron Judge will return soon

Various doctors and surgeons have weighed in on Judge's situation. Though the perspectives have varied, most seem to agree that this won't be a career-altering injury. But his status for 2023, regardless of what Bret Boone says, very much feels like it's up in the air.

Why? Because there's no sense for the Yankees to be mum or guarded on the topic if there was an optimistic timeline for Judge to get back in action. Though that's the way they operate because of fear of overselling, any sort of good news on Judge is almost a requirement to disclose to keep the media and fans off their back.

We sure hope Bret is onto something, though, because this team hasn't proven it can do anything better than tread water during Judge's absence. And that won't be good enough to even secure a Wild Card berth, which should have the Yankees considering blowing up the roster if Judge can't make it back before the trade deadline.

Aaron Boone won't tell us. Bret Boone thinks he has intel over his brother. Judge himself is taking it day by day. Either way, we're less than three weeks from the trade deadline and there isn't any time to waste, so hopefully Brother Boone is onto something.