Derek Jeter's comments on Astros hit Yankees fans where it hurts

Derek Jeter only speaks the truth ... which is why this one's tough to swallow for Yankees fans.

Aaron Judge Press Conference
Aaron Judge Press Conference / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

Derek Jeter's new career as a baseball analyst for FOX has given Yankees fans new life because of his refreshing voice and insight, as well as the ability to counteract the presence of David Ortiz on every relevant broadcast.

But, if you know Jeter well, you know this man speaks the truth and nothing but the truth, all the while keeping up a very polite guard as to not be too harsh. He's an honest diplomat. That's why he was so revered during his time in the Bronx.

That means some of his analysis may not be pleasant for Yankees fans to hear. Sadly, his job no longer entails appealing to Yankees fans. He's an objective baseball personality giving the viewers his perspective on a given matter.

So when he's asked about the upcoming postseason and what teams might be best positioned for an October run and he says the Houston Astros ... as a Yankees fan you'll wince, but you'll know it's the sad truth.

Even the most delusional Yankees fans know the Bombers' current roster is primed for an early exit. But they also know the likes of the Rays, Orioles, Twins/Guardians, Rangers and Blue Jays certainly don't have what it takes to unseat the defending World Champions.

Derek Jeter praises Astros. Yankees fans agree, but it's tough to swallow

And who better to articulate an indicator of postseason success than the man who won five World Series titles and appeared in 158 playoff games across 20 MLB seasons? We all hate the Astros, but there's no denying they've run the American League ever since 2017. They haven't missed an ALCS since.

Jeter's belief that their relaxation plays the most prominent role in their preparedness couldn't be more spot on, either. Think about every team that's been in unfamiliar territory come October. Think about every team that fails to display a calm and collected attitude in high-pressure situations during the regular season.

The Yankees have sadly fallen into the latter category. Their lack of situational hitting and ability to show up in big games has plagued them, whereas the Astros waltz through such circumstances.

Jeter knows what he's watching. This year, the Astros have been dealt blow after blow to their roster, too. Jose Abreu is having a career-worst season. Jose Altuve has played in only 32 games. Yordan Alvarez has dealt with injuries on and off. Alex Bregman is struggling. Lance McCullers and Luis Garcia were lost for the season. Michael Brantley has yet to play this year. Yet they're only two games behind Texas for first place in the AL West.

Meanwhile, the Yankees lose Aaron Judge and turn into the worst offense in MLB. They've gotten rocked by an inferior Red Sox team. They had a chance to capture some momentum before the break and got embarrassed by the Cubs.

Does this seem like a relaxed team to you?

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