David Stearns talking to Astros is more nightmare fuel for Yankees fans

This has to be a joke.
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

It took the Houston Astros 12 seconds to rebound after being swept at home by the New York Yankees. They marched into Arlington with heavy playoff implications on the line and absolutely bludgeoned the Rangers to the tune of 50 hits and 16 home runs in what was a three-game sweep in their favor. They set an MLB record with those offensive numbers. Unbelievable.

But most frustrating of all has been the Astros' continued dominance despite endless turnover in their front office and dumb decision making by owner Jim Crane. And yet, fortuitous opportunities continue to fall right into their lap.

Lose AJ Hinch and Jeff Luhnow because of a massive sign-stealing scandal? Easy! In come Dusty Baker and James Click. Crane disrespects Click with a one-year extension and a laughable raise? Out goes Click and in comes Dana Brown! But before Brown arrived, Crane doled out awful contracts to Jose Abreu and Rafael Montero that are somehow not killing the team.

Costly injuries strike the roster and the production lost isn't replaceable? Incoming career seasons from Kyle Tucker and Chas McCormick. Rookie catcher Yainer Diaz has also been incredible.

So now that we're learning former Brewers president of baseball operations David Stearns has talked to the Astros about the same position in Houston, you can understand why it's infuriating that this team continues to get what it wants regardless of the circumstances.

David Stearns talking to Astros is more nightmare fuel for Yankees fans

Stearns, who is also in talks with the Mets about the same position, is objectively one of the brightest modern day minds that has ran a baseball team. He quickly turned the Brewers around during his tenure from 2015-2020 and led the franchise to four straight playoff appearances for the first time ever.

He's now ready to get back into the sport and ... what do you know! The Astros don't have a president of baseball operations, Crane is likely desperate to get one after his piloted offseason that probably should've thrown this team badly off course, and he has a shot to get one of the best in the game.

Steven Cohen, if you can do us any favors, please just pay Stearns an ungodly amount of money so he avoids Houston. You already screwed us by sending Justin Verlander there for free.

Things are "good" for the Yankees at the moment. They're 6.5 games out of a playoff spot as they surge ahead with their youth movement. Hal Steinbrenner seems to be ruling with an iron fist after he had enough of what was going on this season. Changes are on the horizon.

But the Yankees have no counter to the Astros securing the antithesis of Brian Cashman. They'll be at a disadvantage for the foreseeable future and probably won't be able to overcome Houston in the playoffs outside of a stroke of luck. The Mets need to sign Stearns and this needs to end.