Jasson Dominguez 2-run blast, crazy Astros fan interference highlight Yankees' rally

New York Yankees v Houston Astros
New York Yankees v Houston Astros / Bob Levey/GettyImages

How could Jasson Dominguez possibly top his first trick in MLB, which was "Taking Justin Verlander Deep on His First Big-League Swing"? It's possible he can't -- that's storybook, and will be eternal.

But, if Dominguez can approximate that initial burst of joy, it'd look something like his sixth-inning torpedo on Sunday Night Baseball that gave the Yankees a lead against nemesis Cristian Javier.

Within a matter of nanoseconds, Dominguez took a two-out hanging Javier slider out to deeeeep right field, flipping this SNB game on its head and giving the Yankees a lead in the late innings.

New York has already taken the first two games in Houston, which would've seemed unfathomable at any point between 2020-2023. But these are the kids. The rules just changed.

Yankees slugger Jasson Dominguez hits second home run of series vs Houston Astros on Sunday Night Baseball

B-b-but how is this happening? Jasson Dominguez was ranked 64th on whichever prospect list I use to craft my narratives!! Not fair!

The Astros really need this series, and will certainly be making things annoying in innings seven through nine as they look to avoid being swept by the Yanks for the first time since Current Pitching Advisor Andy Pettitte finished his career with a complete game in 2013. They're battling it out for the AL West title, and will be just a sliver up on the Blue Jays (and five games up on the Red Sox) for a Wild Card spot if they falter again.

That might explain why their fans are taking things to extreme measures, trying to volleyball spike baseballs that are in play in order to prevent foul outs to Everson Pereira. Didn't work this time around.

Shoutout to the Astros fans for rudely upgrading on Steve Bartman's signature move, but when the umpires aren't in the tank for Houston and would rather get the Yankee Youths off the field, that's a good thing.

Want to really have fun? Imagine that left-handed Dominguez swing at Yankee Stadium.