Chris Bassitt becomes latest Blue Jay to chime in on Yankees, Aaron Judge 'cheating'

Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays
Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

The Toronto Blue Jays are a broken bunch. They're in last place in the AL East after losing seven of their last 10. Reliever Anthony Bass is doing weird things on social media. Manager John Schneider doesn't know the rules about mound visits. And they're still talking about Aaron Judge's peek into the New York Yankees dugout two weeks ago.

The latest to chime in is pitcher Chris Bassitt, who shut down the Bombers in Toronto's lone win of the four-game set back in mid-May. In an interview with Chris Rose of Jomboy Media, Bassitt detailed more about the situation after being asked about it.

He didn't bring up the topic, we'll give him that. But he also didn't offer a response that clears him of sounding whiney like the rest of his team has been about the Yankees (from Schneider calling MLB about the incident to Kevin Gausman claiming New York stole three innings from them after Domingo Germán was ejected for sticky stuff).

Bassitt said what Judge and the Yankees did technically wasn't illegal, but indicated he seemingly felt it may have fell into a gray area (it didn't). Bassitt also said he had no problem with Judge's response to the entire ordeal in the postgame scrum, but then outright said the slugger "lied." And then actually defended him for lying? But definitively said he lied without any proof. He's very sure about it.

All we're wondering is why this is still a topic of conversation if MLB found no wrongdoing, the Blue Jays continue to stink, and Judge continues to rake.

Blue Jays pitcher Chris Bassitt weighs in on Yankees, Aaron Judge sign stealing

Bassitt claimed the Blue Jays "knew what was going on" and that the Yankees' base coaches were relaying signs to the hitters. Even non-Yankees fans are sick of hearing about this topic. There is nothing illegal about picking up on a pitcher's tips, nor is there a "gray area." Using technology to steal signs in real time is illegal. That much has been determined. Everything else is fair game until the league states otherwise. Every team takes every competitive advantage offered to them.

And if the Jays knew what was going on, why did they allow it to persist beyond their level of comfortability? Bassitt made it sound like this was something that had been ongoing. If it was a one-time occurrence in Judge's at-bat, then how could the Jays possibly have known what was going on? If there's nothing illegal about the acts or anything wrong with Judge lying, then why did the Blue Jays' pregame show suggest Judge should be thrown at?

Nothing against Bassitt, but the right-hander contributing his perspective on the matter doesn't really do anything for anybody except for Blue Jays fans who want more of a reason to squeeze every last ounce of juice out of this. He wasn't playing in that game. This conversation has largely been over for about a week now. Also, what he thinks is a "gray area" isn't a conversation starter. He's far from an authority on the topic. It's just an indirect attempt to add fuel to a fruitless discussion that only Yankees haters are opting to partake in.

Maybe the guy who championed the fact he pitched against the Yankees while battling a sinus infection should sit this one out. He only just joined this "rivalry," if we can even call it that.