Chaim Bloom's whiffs shown on Sunday Night Baseball expose Red Sox fans' delusion

Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox
Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox / Gaelen Morse/GettyImages

Remember Red Sox fans tried to convince everybody that we were about to witness a "special season" in Boston because the fans showed up to spring training and the first couple of homestands? You know, the only times fans ever really show up if they're going to?

That was barely a few months after the fanbase was demoralized by Xander Bogaerts departure, an unforgivable occurrence which had fans demanding Chaim Bloom's firing and John Henry's selling of the team. They also made sure to make the trip to Springfield, Mass. to boo everybody responsible at the team's winter fan fest. Adult behavior.

But why are Sox fans so up in arms? This ownership group has delivered FOUR World Series titles since 2004 under THREE different front office regimes. They ruined the New York Yankees' identity and won three more titles over that span of play.

Well, Sox fans hopped on the pendulum swinging in the exact opposite direction shortly after claiming they were being treated like supporters of a small market club. World Series back on! The Year of the Dugie! Chris Sale revenge szn. Triston Casas breakout time. This is what they sold us on, and when they briefly surpassed the Yankees in the AL East standings, we heard all about it.

Bloom was now a genius. Through 35 games, this team was 21-14! Surely that's never happened to any overachieving club in MLB history. Nobody's ever exceeded expectations in the early going. This was real. That was until the Sox proceeded to go 9-15 in their next 24 games to fall to last place. and it all came full circle when Bloom was outed on Sunday Night Baseball's broadcast of the Yankees-Dodgers game.

Red Sox fans being outed during Yankees national broadcast was incredible

Let's recap the Red Sox offseason moves that have worked out tremendously well so far:

  • Signing Masataka Yoshida
  • Signing Chris Martin

As for the ones that didn't work out (or at least aren't working out at the moment)? The list is long -- probably just as long as this video of the Red Sox playing the worst defense you'll ever see and taking the mantle from the Yankees.

Extending Rafael Devers on a $300 million deal was the right move, but he's hitting .241 with a .295 OBP. Pretty unacceptable. The JD Martinez for Justin Turner swap is shaping up to be miserable. Casas, who made the Opening Day roster, is hitting .191 with an 83 OPS+. Corey Kluber got demoted to the bullpen and owns a 6.25 ERA and 6.35 FIP. Raimel Tapia was just designated for assignment. Kenley Jansen has a 1.61 WHIP, which is awful for a closer. Did we miss anything?

Sale is back on the IL. Nick Pivetta got sent to the bullpen despite previously claiming he would never accept such a role change. Jarren Duran and Connor Wong have fallen off a cliff. Kiké Hernandez couldn't be worse. Garrett Whitlock's transition to the rotation might be an all-time terrible decision.

Meanwhile, Martinez might be in the midst of a career year in LA. Michael Wacha just won NL pitcher of the month with the Padres. Nathan Eovaldi is one of the best pitchers in the AL. All three of those guys could've been had for cheaper ($60 million) than what Boston paid Jansen, Turner and Kluber (63.7 million).

Bloom was once upon a time the savior for the "mess" everybody claimed Dave Dombrowski got this organization into. Then he was a pariah for trading Mookie Betts. Then he was a godsend because the Sox made a flukey 2021 ALCS run. Then he was again a disgrace for a lackluster 2022 season followed by panicky offseason transactions. Then he was King Fleece after Boston got off to a fast start in 2023.

Sox fans better decide what he truly is sooner rather than later, or they might ping pong themselves to death.