Red Sox fans doing 180 on Chaim Bloom after a month of baseball shows they're frauds

Boston Red Sox Spring Training
Boston Red Sox Spring Training / Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

The amount of coping the city of Boston has to do on a daily basis should be studied by psychologists across the world. The Bruins get eliminated from the postseason in the first round after an historic regular season? Talk about how the 2004 New York Yankees collapse was much worse, of course!

The Red Sox "exceed" expectations by starting 2023 with a 17-14 record? That means make fun of the Yankees for being one game behind them after the most meaningless juncture of play despite the fact New York has 13 players on the IL (most in MLB). One game better than the Yankees despite having a fraction of the injuries!

Even better, Sox fans are now comparing Alex Verdugo to Derek Jeter in an unprompted fashion because the Red Sox outfielder now has more career walk-off hits than the first-ballot Hall of Famer? These people exist to troll and nothing else.

But the most infuriating aspect of all is that Red Sox nation is doing a complete 180 on president of baseball operations Chaim Bloom, despite trying to run him out of town just a few short months ago. And all it took was a 17-14 record, which, by the way, is good for fourth in the division.

This has to be the most delusional/saddest fan base in sports, right? They are the definition of puppets and John Henry is loving every second of it.

Red Sox fans trying to dunk on the Yankees after a month of baseball is sad

You'd think Red Sox fans would get it by now. The sorrowful fanbase that just 20 years ago took every ounce of success with a grain of salt and feared the inevitable downturn that comes with a 162-game season is now pumping their fist because of a four-game winning streak where two of the three players from the Mookie Betts trade have finally found a shred of success over three years later?

Verdugo was the definition of a league-average hitter before this season began. Connor Wong was a literal nobody and looked like he might not even be a member of the team after the 2022 season. Did we forget Jeter Downs was designated for assignment? Masataka Yoshida was hitting .213 with a .619 OPS 10 days ago. Triston Casas, Christian Arroyo and Kiké Hernandez have been terrible offensively.

Chaim Bloom is back, though, folks. Etch it in stone. Special season incoming even though this team was below .500 this past weekend.

Being hopeful and confident in your team despite obvious obstacles that stand in the way is a reasonably positive way to go about your business. Somehow, Red Sox fans manage to take positivity and negativity to unfathomable ends of the spectrum by always seeking someone else's face they can rub that excitement into.

At 17-14, the Red Sox are back. Bloom's previous countless transgressions are forgiven. It's the year of Dugie. Fourth place and 7.5 games out of first is great, but fifth place and 8.5 games out of first is laughable and pathetic.

Check back in with us in July when Red Sox Twitter, none of whom hold season tickets, are boycotting season tickets.