Breaking down 8 (great) changes to Yankees promotional schedule for 2023 MLB season

New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins
New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

The Yankees' promotional schedule for 2023 was already fairly excellent and populated by bobbleheads. Then, the Bombers decided to go and supersize it in mid-April.

The Yankees? Being nice to their fans, and realizing they have to service them every once in a while? Is this ... is this earth?

After getting out to a solid start, all things considered, and winning series upon series without some of their projected top performers due to injury, the Yankees decided their fans could have more giveaway items, as a treat.

Why the delay? Supply chain? Brainstorm postponed? Fitting Aaron Judge for his own personal basketball jersey with the Captain's C? Who knows?

Either way, the Yankees announced eight additional promotional nights on April 17, and they're some of the greatest in recent team history.

Yankees promotional schedule for 2023 MLB season: They nailed it.

I'm sorry, but Aug. 3 Aaron Judge Basketball Jersey Night will be one of the most obvious must-haves for any college-aged Yankee fan in the tri-state area, possibly that most obvious "yes, cop that" we've ever seen. This giveaway, to the first 18,000 guests, might singlehandedly revolutionize Billy's as we know it.

Line up early if you're interested in any of these 18K giveaways, though, because (from personal experience) April's Tino Martinez bobble required arrival about an hour before the gates opened, if you wanted to enter the stadium comfortably in non-mob fashion. Also, side note, it ... definitely seems like you can enter Hard Rock Cafe early this season and still receive your promo items. In case that tip interests you.

June 23's Marvel Superhero Derek Jeter bobblehead will also be given away to the first 18,000 entrants, but the Roger Maris/Aaron Judge dual "61" and "62" bobblehead set, given away on Aug. 20 and Sept. 23, doesn't appear to have a set limit. That ... that can't be an "all fans," can it? That's the crown jewel. Assume 18,000, until stated otherwise, and get there early.

And when's the last time the Yankees had a fireworks night?! After this summer, the answer will be "July 3, 2023," folks. And that's mighty nice.

Kudos to the Yankees for actually doing it and continuing to push the envelope here when they know fans will show up during the summer months regardless. Next step: FanFest? Before the season? Is that too much to ask?