Boston media one-ups Red Sox fan delusion with ridiculous Yankees column

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox
Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Why are we doing this twice in the same week? Because when the Boston media manages to out-do the delusion of Red Sox fans, it can't go unchecked. Somebody needs to hold them accountable, especially when the focus is the New York Yankees.

One thing we'll give Red Sox nation credit for, though? They're always aligned, whether it's based in reality or outside of it. Meanwhile, there's constant infighting and bickering on Yankees Twitter because the fanbase continues to remain in shambles with all that's happened since 2017.

But if there was ever a time for Yankees fans to put aside their petty differences about roster moves, trades, player production, advanced analytics, and whatever else they feel the need to get defensive about, it's when the city of Boston bands together to kick New York when they're down ... with a winning record and just 1.5 games behind the Sox in the standings.

This is what they do. They hawk the standings, no matter how early in the season, and send out their pre-drafted "The Red Sox just leapt ahead of the Yankees in the AL East" tweets. They over-exaggerate their struggles and their successes, acting as if nobody's ever had it worse or that nobody's ever been this spectacular. Red Sox fans of the this generation pretend to carry the burden of the 86-year curse, which should be an insult to everyone who actually suffered through that title-less drought, and try to elicit sympathy for something they didn't experience in the slightest.

But Yankees fans would rather hear the endless whining, complaining and moaning from a city that's nicknamed "Title Town" than listen to fans and media members hype up a six-game winning streak -- when the team was below .500 last weekend -- and pretend as if they already captured their version of a successful season (being better than the Yankees).

Red Sox fan delusion has now reached the Boston media, which has roped in Yankees

"All told, the Yankees have 12 players making more than $ 150 million this year on the injured list. Betting against them is a fool's errand, because New York has qualified for the playoffs 21 times in Cashman's 25 years at the helm, but for now the Red Sox are rolling, the Yankees are sinking, and there's reason to believe neither situation is temporary."

John Tomase, NBC Sports

The Red Sox, when this column was written, were ONE game ahead of the Yankees in the standings.

Tomase also mentioned that the Yankees traded away Jordan Montgomery for reliever Scott Effross, which isn't true. Montgomery was traded for Harrison Bader and Hayden Wesneski was traded for Effross. At least get the facts correct if you're going to pretend as if the Red Sox will sustain their excellence of their six-game winning streak for the remainder of the year while the Yankees, who are only 1.5 games behind Boston, will remain in last place through September.

Tomase went on to champion the Red Sox for "overcoming" injuries to Trevor Story, Adam Duvall and Garrett Whitlock, as if that's anything comparable to the Yankees' MLB-leading 13 players in the IL. Trevor Story was a mediocre baseball player last season (102 OPS+), Duvall wasn't even on the team and logged a .677 OPS and 86 OPS+ in 2022, and Whitlock wasn't even a full-time starter in his last full campaign (22 relief appearances, nine starts)! How are any of those losses a fraction as backbreaking as Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Carlos Rodón and Luis Severino?! We'd even venture to say the second tier of Yankees injuries -- Tommy Kahnle, Scott Effross, Frankie Montas and Josh Donaldson -- are more impactful than what the Red Sox are dealing with.

Congrats, you've gotten the rise out of us.

Red Sox media and fans are using a six-game stretch as a basis to define what's to come for the next five months. If you want to make fun of general manager Brian Cashman for holding a randon, low-energy press conference just so he could say "Don't count us out," Yankees fans would take no issue with that. They hated it too! They thought it was embarrassing too!

But to suggest the current state of both of these teams might be giving us a preview of what's to come, let alone hint it might be permanent, is deranged.

We award you no points, and God have mercy on your soul.