6 Yankees who could be traded after 2023 season demands changes

The Yankees could experience an almost unheard of amount of roster turnover.
New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox - Game Two
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Gleyber Torres

You knew it was coming. Agree or disagree, Gleyber Torres probably isn't going to remain a Yankee beyond 2024, when he hits free agency for the first time. Though we wouldn't necessarily 100% support trading him months after he finished 2023 as the team's second-best hitter, Torres shouldn't be any team's second-best hitter.

That's the problem with the Yankees right now. Someone who hit .273 with an .800 OPS, 118 OPS+, 90 runs scored, 25 homers, 68 RBI and 13 stolen bases was far and away the team's most successful offensive player not named Aaron Judge. That should be your fourth- or fifth-best hitter.

Perhaps multiple trades can help the Yankees get what they want, though. They have controllable starting pitching as well as middle infield depth. Every team is looking for that, whether they're contending or not. In Torres' case, however, he'll probably be targeted by some of the league's best to fill a second base need with authority.

This could alleviate the Yankees' infield logjam, clear a somewhat premium salary (Torres could make upwards of ~$15 million in 2024), and net them multiple assets in return, helping them potentially solve more than one roster issue with one move.

It's only the "right" decision if the Yankees can capitalize after Torres' rebirth in 2023. A team desperate to win in 2024 might be willing to part with near-MLB-ready prospects. You just never know.

Just don't let Torres find out about this. He might have a meltdown and forbid his family from mentioning trade rumors again.