9 Yankees players who will not be back in 2024

This is the bare minimum. Seriously.
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The New York Yankees, no matter what Hal Steinbrenner's audit says, are going to undergo a massive amount of roster turnover.

We'll be picking the team apart all offseason prior to the Winter Meetings, attempting to discern which sell-high, sneaky and cash-dump trades they can potentially execute. These will be more important than ever, especially in an underwhelming free agent market. And aren't you glad it'll be Brian Cashman trying to thread the needle on all these tough decisions?

But those high-stress maneuvers are for future lists. This one's about players we can outright guarantee you will not be playing for the New York Yankees next season. And, even if the team can't pull off any trade coups or free agent master classes, there will still be a number of 2023 Yankees hitting the bricks when the offseason begins.

Seriously. We were trying to be kind here. This is the bare minimum number of Yankees who will not be back next season. Add in a couple difficult decisions and bold moves, and any number of other Bombers under team control could find their way across the league (and if Aaron Judge can find a way to get Giancarlo Stanton moved, he'll make the list, too).

One name who does not appear on this list? Frankie Montas. Call it a hunch, but following his late-season arrival and out-of-nowhere rehab appearances, it sort of seems like the team could be amenable to a one-year, bounce back contract so they can make something out of their largest acquisition of 2023. You've been warned -- and at the right price, it might even turn out kind of cool.

9 Yankees who will not return for the 2024 season

Late-Season Bullpen Additions: Matt Bowman, Zach McAllister, Anthony Misiewicz

Zach McAllister's return to MLB -- and first-ever appearance with the Yankees, the team that drafted him back in 2006 -- was a heartwarming moment. So was the rest of that stunning nightcap at Fenway Park, when Matt Bowman, Anthony Misiewicz and Nick Ramirez completed a doubleheader sweep in the Yankees' nightmare fuel swampgrounds.

Unfortunately, McAllister hasn't shown much to earn anything beyond a late-season, 40-man fill-in spot (10.80 ERA in five innings, surrendered Brandon Belt's home run Thursday). Bowman has only thrown one more inning since his Yankee debut, allowing three runs in an inning a few days later in Boston. Misiewicz, who struggled in Arizona and Detroit this season and was trying to make good in New York, was sadly felled by a line drive in an appearance in Pittsburgh. By the time he recovers next season, the Yankees will have used his 40-man spot in more calculated fashion.

Any one of these three players could return on a minor-league deal, Misiewicz being the most likely, but none of the three will be on the MLB roster (and they'll all probably be in different organizations).