5 players who were on the Yankees this year that you probably forgot about

This year's roster was positively full of memorable randos.
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Remembering Some Guys is always cathartic, especially in the wake of a Yankees season that went wrong. This exercise is uniquely difficult for 2023, though, considering the random offensive fill-ins the Yankees employed were so iconic that you probably remember all of them. Players who should've had one-game cameos instead played for months at a time, rendering them essential to the fabric of the season.

It's tough to Remember Some Guys when your entire season is dominated by Some Guys. But we'll try.

In other years, Billy McKinney would've qualified. Instead, he managed 48 games and briefly carried the offense in June before slamming a foul ball off his foot in St. Louis. Unless you tuned out the season, you'd be hard-pressed to forget him. Ditto Willie Calhoun, who won a memorable game against Boston with a wallop, then was drilled on the elbow by a rehabbing Carlos Rodón right as he was getting his flowers. Remember Franchy Cordero? We wish we didn't, but it's impossible to forget the Opening Day roster shuffle that resulted in him materializing out of thin air.

The five names below feel like the most easily forgotten members of the 2023 team, including a few players who made more memorable first impressions in other seasons. Apologies to Matt Bowman, who found himself too redundant with the other forgotten bullpen names to even appear on this list. Sorry, Matt. You were just fine.

5 Yankees players from 2023 roster you probably forgot about

Anthony Misiewicz, LHP

Misiewicz was unceremoniously selected and added to the 40-man midseason despite sporting a 5.63 ERA in Arizona and 81.00 mark in Detroit, a move that fluttered very few feathers at the time. If anything, it evoked feelings of frustration that, in the Yankees' long search for pitching depth, they chose to uncover a twice-rejected lefty, with so many exciting pitching prospects in the pipeline below him. Even Misiewicz stealing Triple-A reps seemed unnecessary.

Ultimately, the Yankees' depth was tested (surprise) to the point where they used Misiewicz, and he was both up and gone in a flash. He was a member of the off-kilter quartet of relievers who secured a late-season doubleheader sweep in Boston (more on that in a bit). Right after that peak, though, he was struck with a liner in harrowing fashion in Pittsburgh, ending his season early.

In the wake of that incident, he at least showed good humor as his recovery began in good spirits. It's highly possible that inflection point represented the end of his Yankees career, though.