Yankees reliever Anthony Misiewicz drilled with 100 MPH line drive in scary scene in Pittsburgh

Literal worst baseball season ever. Ever.
New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox - Game Two
New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox - Game Two / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Update on Anthony Misiewicz's Condition:

Fresh off a second doubleheader in three days against the Red Sox, the Yankees turned to one of their most ardent underdogs in Anthony Misiewicz to attempt to carry a lead in Pittsburgh into the later innings.

In much the same way everything has in 2023, this heartwarming decision took an extremely dark turn.

Misiewicz allowed a scorched single to Ji-Hwan Bae of the Pittsburgh Pirates to knot the game with two outs in the sixth, but far more importantly, the ball caromed off the lefty's head and shot quickly towards the outfield. You can view the video here, though we do not recommend it.

The reliever was reportedly hit on the temple/ear area, bled on the ground, and was tended to/exited on the cart.

Yankees lefty Anthony Misiewicz drilled by line drive against Pirates

Misiewicz was fresh off a far more inspirational appearance earlier in the week, helping the Yankees defeat the Boston Red Sox Tuesday night and sweep a double header by getting Zach McAllister out of a jam. The two Scranton teammates teamed up with Nick Ramirez and Matt Bowman to form an improbable quartet and do what the Yankees literally could not in 2023 prior to this week: Beat the Red Sox.

McAllister entered in Misiewicz's stead this time around and, predictably, struggled, hitting the very next batter and allowing a tiebreaking single to cap an emotional frame for all the wrong reasons.

The journeyman was afforded an opportunity to contribute by the Yankees' dire straits this season, and was certainly making the most of his chance through Friday's action. The results of this game -- and the games to come -- are less than crucial. Positive signs from Misiewicz matter far more.

More updates on Misiewicz's condition surely to come, though the initial impact has been harrowing enough already.