4 former Yankees failing miserably with their new teams in 2023

San Diego Padres v Atlanta Braves
San Diego Padres v Atlanta Braves / Brett Davis/GettyImages
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Tell you who won't be making this list: Sonny Gray and Joey Gallo, who tag-team mangled the Yankees on Monday night and are doing just fine, thanks. Cool. Glad to see it.

Those two prominent Bronx failures are enjoying a dual rejuvenation in Minnesota, but a number of recently-rostered Yankees aren't experiencing the same kind of rebirth on the other side.

We're sticking only to recent Yankees here, too. Apologies to Ian Kennedy, who has a 7.94 ERA out of the bullpen for the Texas Rangers at the age of 38 (did you know he was there?), but he doesn't exactly qualify for inclusion.

No, no. We're talking Yankees who were on the team or in the organization at some point in the past two years who haven't hit the same peaks elsewhere.

Just missed the list? Andrew Benintendi, who's hitting .290, but whose metrics indicate that's going to slide down a hill quickly. You can't "struggle" based only on metrics, though, and .290 would be pretty nice right about now, regardless of how that contract ends. Onward!

4 Yankees failing miserably with new teams in 2023

Rougned Odor

The San Diego Padres offense has not provided the thump expected of them entering the 2023 season. Not saying that's Rougned Odor's fault, but he hasn't contributed positively to the cause.

Odor was added just before the season on a minor-league deal, which you'd think would've made him window dressing in San Diego, especially after they polished off an entire infield's worth of $100+ million men this offseason. Nope! Somehow, he's finagled 30 at-bats and has secured ... three hits. Three! Two of them have been doubles. He's collected four walks. He's already been responsible for one reportedly dirty slide. All in a month's work for Odor, one of the weirdest Yankees of the past decade.

Hope he's getting involved in as many mound visits as possible while he's out there in Sunny SD, because this may not last forever.