Yankees fan overheard heckling Joey Gallo after massive home run summed it up nicely

Washington Nationals v Minnesota Twins
Washington Nationals v Minnesota Twins / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

Leave Joey Gallo alone. He did his time in New York with the Yankees. He did not enjoy it. He's made it quite clear it'll haunt him for the rest of his life.

That said ... MAN, it's extremely annoying that he grew a beard, got acclimated to Minnesota immediately, and calmly strode to the plate and DESTROYED a Greg Weissert pitch deep into the right-field stands to extend the Twins' lead to 4-0.

Sonny Gray, after entering the game with an 0.82 ERA, buzzsawed the Yankees to start the contest in extremely icy weather, displaying more composure than he had during his 1.5 years in the Bronx.

Carlos Correa, after the Twins offense took a 3-0 lead, absorbed Anthony Volpe's hotshot grounder to start the top of the fourth, almost as if to say, "I am not even going to try very hard to rob you, for I am a superior being."

And, in case that wasn't bad enough, Gallo muscled up and effortlessly stomped on a Weissert offering, further extending the exceptionally wimpy vibes this game began with. His homer, a very unfamiliar sight for fans of the Bombers (though Gallo did homer last year in a road game in Minnesota...), led one screamer in front of a hot mic to voice his displeasure with the slugger.

One Yankees fan on hot mic vs Minnesota Twins heckled Joey Gallo after home run

"Hey, Gallo! Why couldn't you do that in New York?!" the man screamed, loud enough that Ryan Ruocco in the broadcast booth couldn't help but call it out.

Of course, we know why Gallo couldn't do that in New York. He's anxious, showed up midseason, couldn't get acclimated, and then was roasted like crazy for being representative of yet another recent Brian Cashman trade deadline failure.

Now, he's hitting .250 with six blasts and a 1.135 OPS for the Twins. Hey, off the top of your head, has anyone ever joined the Yankees and punished their former team? Or does it only happen the other way around?