3 Yankees who should probably be non-tendered before Friday's deadline

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Jonathan Loaisiga

This one might rile up some fans, but we have to put our foot down. Aaron Boone already commented on Jonathan Loaisiga's lack of availability, so do you think the Yankees are happy about his tenure with the team?

You can have all the talent in the world. You can have the best "stuff." If you can't play, you're sadly a non-factor. It's all just hype and projections that don't exist. Think Josh Donaldson, and how the Yankees magically thought he was going to "turn it around" in 2023 without any real evidence to support it.

The unfortunate truth about Loaisigia is that he's been healthy for one season, which was the cursed 2021 campaign. Fitting. Since 2018, he's logged just 215.2 innings. 2021 marked the only time he's thrown more than 48 innings in a single MLB campaign. And he's yet to harness his command.

Walks remain a problem for the right-hander, and after a lengthy layoff due to elbow surgery, he returned in 2023 to flash brillance in 17 outings only to land back on the IL with more elbow trouble. How does that portend anything positive for 2024?

It might not be a boatload of money, but non-tendering Loaisiga saves the Yankees another $2.5 million. And now you're 75% of the way to Kiermaier. Why lobby to release a guy with so much potential? Mainly because the Yankees' lone positive quality is printing good bullpen arms. If they can't figure out a way to replace distressed assets in Trivino and Loaisiga, then perhaps this audit should be featured on 60 Minutes.