Did Aaron Boone just hint Yankees will non-tender Jonathan Loaisiga in offseason?

How much longer can the Yankees factor him into their bullpen plans?
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Yet another New York Yankees season was derailed by injuries in 2023. Though it wasn't the lone factor (the other was stunningly horrific play), it was certainly invasive enough to erode what was once considered a World Series contender into an AL East basement dweller.

The latest to land in the pile was Jonathan Loaisiga, who, after giving up his first earned runs since returning from the injured list over the weekend, was ruled out for the season with another elbow injury (he was sidelined from April until August after undergoing elbow surgery).

This is nothing new, though. Injury concerns have followed Loaisiga his entire career, dating back to his days with the San Francisco Giants beginning in 2012. He was signed that year, debuted in their system in 2013, and then missed all of 2014 and 2015 due to injuries. The Yankees picked him up after the Giants released him in 2015.

And it's pretty much been the same story ever since. Outside of a promising 2021 season where it appeared he could be the closer in waiting, Loaisiga has yet to pitch more than 48 innings in a single campaign with the Bombers since debuting in 2018.

He pitched in just 17 games this year and appeared as if he was rounding back into form before his second elbow issue took away any momentum he may have been building for 2024, so you can see how frustrating this merry-go-round is.

Did Aaron Boone just hint Yankees will non-tender Jonathan Loaisiga in offseason?

Here's what manager Aaron Boone told reporters after the Yankees captured the first game of the doubleheader against the Red Sox on Tuesday:

"Every season has been interrupted. When he’s going well, it’s as good as there is because he’s efficient, he’s got great stuff, he can get both handed out, he can go one-plus [innings] for you, he can fill any role, whether it’s closing out a game or in the biggest spots. When he’s going good, I don’t know if there’s much better in the league, frankly. But his seasons have been interrupted pretty much every year."

Aaron Boone

Hmmm. What does this mean for Loaisiga's future? He's signed through 2024 as he's headed for his final year of arbitration eligibility, but did Boone's words perhaps hint the Yankees might not be willing to pay ~$3 million for a reliever who's constantly factored into the team's big picture bullpen plans but either isn't available or isn't performing to his full potential?

NJ.com certainly had a take on this based on how they interpreted Boone's commentary.

The fact of the matter is the Yankees have far too many question marks up and down the roster -- and especially in the bullpen -- to keep piling them on after watching their plans from 2020-2023 go up in flames. The managing already isn't great. The roster construction and in-season trades/decision making are bad, too.

At the very least, the Yankees need health on their side with instances they can control. Loaisiga isn't someone they're stuck with, and maybe that'll be the unfortunate reason the front office could shake things up when the offseason arrives.