3 Yankees players who could be first-time All-Stars in 2023

Cincinnati Reds v New York Yankees
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Harrison Bader, CF

There's no way -- absolutely no way, no chance whatsoever, zero percent, definitely not saying this and hoping the opposite happens -- that Harrison Bader will be able to replicate his torrid October next season for his hometown Yankees.

While the rest of the offense sputtered, Bader -- in just his second month in the Bronx -- hit the first home run of the postseason, drilled five across two rounds, and smoked two against Houston while hitting .400. He might be the sole Yankee who doesn't want to forget about the things he uncovered during that series.

Bader has always been a Gold Glove center fielder, someone Matt Carpenter called the best he'd ever played with when the Yankees acquired him last summer. He's been an above-average hitter in past years, too, posting a 114 OPS+ in 2021 before having a tough, foot injury-marred first half last year in St. Louis that led to the swap.

That said, even if he hits like a roughly average ballplayer, he does it with panache. He certainly has the gilded glove. That'll all play in New York. Add in the "childhood Yankee fan, Bronxville native" card, and you could be hearing about Bader a lot on national broadcasts next year -- especially if Derek Jeter happens to be in the booth.

Of course, if he hits closer to that 114 OPS+ mark, he won't even need the boost or the local voters. He might just make it in anyway.