3 Yankees peaking at right time as spring training ends

New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers
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Anthony Volpe, SS

OK, fine. Anthony Volpe's been dominant since Spring Training began, opening eyes by swiping second base on a pitchout against the Blue Jays in Dunedin, then taking third on the very next pitch. He also created a double out of thin air, hustling into second base despite the Blue Jays right fielder pleading with him not to using terrified body language. Sucks to suck.

Technically, the entirety of camp was probably the "right time" for him to peak, considering how much room he had to grow during only a few weeks' time. Volpe's long been an "idea" for many Yankee fans rather than an in-practice superstar. After an otherworldly 2021 season, his .249 average (with 21 homers and 50 stolen bases, but still...) in 2022 turned some casual fans off and led to rivals screaming that he was overrated (despite also never actually seeing him play).

2023's Spring Training performance was more about his raw athleticism that popped off the screen rather than counting numbers, but still, the total package has resulted in Volpe being more emphasized at the end of camp than he was at the beginning. He entered March with almost no chance to start on Opening Day -- service time concerns, Oswald Peraza's experience edge, the shortstop vs. second base conundrum, etc. Now? The service time issue is still real, but he's got a legitimate chance to break camp. At worst, it feels like Volpe'll be up in late April as soon as the service time issues expire. That's how it's done.