3 questions Yankees have already answered at spring training, 1 they haven't

It's still, unfortunately, a mystery.
New York Yankees Photo Day
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Which pitchers will be the first to receive call-ups when the rotation hits injury snags?

The Yankees helped sort out their internal pecking order a bit over the weekend by demoting Gil, Chase Hampton and Yoendrys Gómez to minor-league camp, leaving several "sixth starter" options still on the big-league board.

Gil will likely have his time to shine before too long, though both he and Gómez rank closer to "last resorts," as the 25-year-old flamethrower continues to work his way back from Tommy John surgery. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Poteet has shown off a shapely breaking ball, proving exactly why the Yankees chased him (and why Brian Cashman will likely have to learn his name sooner rather than later). Luke Weaver, the favorite for the long relief role entering spring training, hasn't done anything to dissuade that belief, showing off an improved cutter.

Hampton leaving so quickly was no surprise, and he should be back in the Yankees' Spring Breakout game while he plots the remainder of his rapid rise. For now, Will Warren and Clayton Beeter -- Friday night's primetime starter against Miami -- feel likelier to get quick call-ups, though the team will presumably favor a slightly more experienced veteran like Poteet.