Did Yankees GM Brian Cashman forget recent addition's name on Talkin' Yanks podcast?

Cash should've memorized the depth chart.

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Either Yankees GM Brian Cashman got flustered under the bright lights, or New York's braintrust might not "love" Cody Poteet as much as they've let on before the 2024 season.

Poteet, an ex-Marlin and a 2023 member of the Royals' farm system in his ongoing return from Tommy John surgery, will be one of many names competing for rotation reps in case of emergency, joining Luke Weaver and Cody Morris. He's largely a mystery to most Yankee fans, and there's a good chance Cashman knows a great deal more about him than the diehards.

Everything, that is, except for his pesky name.

On the Talkin' Yanks podcast's milestone 1,000th episode, featuring Cashman as a must-listen guest, the Yankees' head honcho fumbled with Poteet's name, turning "Cody Poteet" into a moment of word soup that equated to "Royals" and "Pete."

Endearing? Yeah. A bit frustrating? Also yeah, kinda, considering how much Michael Kay talked up the Yankees' belief in this kid while somewhat trying to justify their underwhelming offseason of rotation additions. How much could Cashman and Co. possibly love him if he could only conjure "Pete"?

Yankees looking to use Pete -- sorry, Cody Poteet -- as potential sixth starter

Does Brian Cashman know Cody Poteet's name? Do you?

Ultimately, this is nothing more than a moment of levity, and mostly goes to show you that the vast majority of Yankee fans are probably safe to take a step back and enjoy the roller coaster ride rather than memorizing every name on the 40-man and the budget down to the decimal points. Cash and his scouts believed in Poteet's bounce-back potential, but he still couldn't manage to get the righty's legal name off the tip of his tongue, even though thousands of Twitter Reply Guys probably could've. Be honest. The first time you heard of Poteet was when the Yankees inked him. That means, yes, the team has done more research than you, the layperson.

No harm, no foul, unless Cashman accidentally calls his big-ticket addition "Marshall Stroten," which will probably send a previously settled beef back to stratospheric levels.