3 players the New York Yankees should keep and 3 they should trade

The Yankees still have decisions to make.
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Yankees Should Trade: Jonathan Loaisiga

It's difficult to advocate for weakening the bullpen at a time when the team is reportedly searching for an extra option, if possible, and any Loaisiga trade must come with an effective replacement as a corresponding move/signing. We've already seen that losing Loaisiga does not constitute "addition by subtraction," considering how deeply the loss has hurt previous Yankees rosters.

But the annual loss of Loaisiga just keeps happening. At the end of last season, it seemed the righty might be headed for a non-tender after Aaron Boone spoke frankly about his repeated setbacks. Instead, he survived the end-of-year roster purge, but the Yankees should still look to move off his final year of team control and ink Hector Neris instead.

And they should also promote...

Yankees Should Keep: Clayton Beeter

Easily lost in the offseason shuffle -- remember when the Cardinals were rumored to love him in a potential Dylan Carlson package? -- Beeter has stuck around, and is all the more important this season after Jhony Brito and Randy Vàsquez were exiled to San Diego.

The Yankees appear to be big believers in Beeter and Will Warren, too -- or, at least, they envision both pitchers' potential contributions as being more effective than the fringe free agent talent still available for spot starts as we approach spring training.

Beeter's fastball hopped at the end of 2024 after a tweak, and the idea of him as a swingman is enticing. At this point, he feels far more valuable on the Yankees' staff than as a tack-on in a midseason deal.