2024 Yankees promotional schedule gets incredible 'Seinfeld' bobblehead addition

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It's only fitting that, in the Year of the Hideous Uniform Change across Major League Baseball, the man who overhauled the Yankees' iconic pinstripes to a shrinkable cotton mess is finally getting his due.

Hal Steinbrenner apparently likes his chicken spicy, as the head honcho has signed off on a 2024 Yankees promotion that will make any "Seinfeld" lover in the tri-state area hurriedly run to the phone, mash the keypad, and accidentally dial 555-FILK/call Kramer while attempting to buy tickets.

On July 5, 2024, 18,000 fans will descend upon Yankee Stadium and receive a George Costanza bobblehead, depicting the Yankees' mid-90s assistant to the traveling secretary giving hitting lessons to Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams, who took six whole games to win the 1996 World Series.

The Yankees will be facing the Red Sox that Friday night, but more good news abounds: those Yankee bastards will be comin' to Houston for Opening Day.

That's right. The opener is just around the corner, but believe it or not, the Yankees aren't at home.

Yankees 2024 Promo Schedule: Bobblehead Nights Include 'Seinfeld' Promotion

Do you know how many "Seinfeld" fans reside within driving distance of this ballpark? We've reached the saturation point. An overwhelming percentage of local residents will be attempting to acquire these 18,000 bobbles. It'll look like a sea of humanity outside the gates hours before first pitch. And that sea will be angry, my friends.

Luckily for the Yankees, there is a seemingly endless well of "Seinfeld"-related minutae they could mine from to make this an annual tradition (and make their neighbors, the Brooklyn Cyclones, who've done that for years, jealous). When's Calzone Night? Van Buren Boys Appreciation Night? Latex Calendar Night, sponsored by Vandelay Industries? What about an evening where the first One Fan lined up receives a birthday card signed by the entire Yankees organization, minus Mr. Morgan? How about, one game a year, one lucky fan gets to request that Aaron Judge hit two home runs and catch a fly ball in his hat?

You'd better get to July 5's game early, because these bobbles will be gone faster than the Summer of George lasted, pre-Frolf accident. Anyone who enters the gate after the first 18,000 names are already called will be stuck taking home a Macaroni Midler or a Garbage Eclair.

How to Purchase Single-Game Tickets for Yankees' George Costanza Bobblehead Night

Tickets are still available for this game via the Yankees, though if you call the team directly, you'd better cross your fingers and hope you don't get forwarded to the guy who booked 'em the Ramada in Milwaukee.

Otherwise, the secondary market will be your friend. Oh, and day of game? Make sure not to accidentally flip the finger to anyone by the players' parking lot the way fans used to do to IKF. You might end up getting chased by Danny Tartabull to a suburban gas station and missing first pitch, even if you've got a hard cast on your wrist and are completely innocent of all charges.