10 former Yankees players that are about have a chance to get a World Series ring

This postseason will have a very familiar flavor. In a weird way.
Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees
Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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Aroldis Chapman, Texas Rangers

The last time there was a non-objectionable AL champion, Aroldis Chapman and the Cubs were on the other side of the equation.

No, seriously. 2017 Astros. 2018 Red Sox. 2019 Astros. 2020 Rays. 2021 Astros. 2022 Astros. It's straight-up gruesome. Not a plucky underdog in the bunch. Just enemy, enemy, enemy.

Chapman's presence, of course, is the only thing holding this Rangers pennant back from being totally joyful. Somehow, he dialed back his meltdowns during the Astros series, though we maintain that if he were still a Yankee, Alex Bregman's long flyout in Game 1 would've found the Crawford Boxes instead.

Some Yankees fans have written in recent days that they miss (?) Chapman (???) for some reason, conveniently forgetting his laundry list of festering warts. He blew the 2019 postseason. He blew the 2020 postseason. He carries a lifetime 4.33 ERA against the Red Sox. He was ill-gotten in the first place, acquired for cheap while the rest of baseball looked around nervously about his forthcoming domestic violence suspension. He quit on the team last summer (infected tattoo) and last fall (literally bolting for Miami when he wasn't guaranteed a playoff roster spot). He can unequivocally go f*** himself, and the best possible outcome for this World Series is a seven-game Rangers triumph where Chapman blows Games 3, 4 and 6, leaving Texas ahead of Game 7 after throwing a personal hissy fit.